House Takes Aim at Trump,  New Bill Designed to Strengthen the Electoral Count

In a vote on Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed a bill intended to prevent a repeat of the unfortunate election saga in 2020 and 2021. During that time, former President Donald Trump and his supporters attempted to overturn the election results based on possible fraud.

Dearie Questions Trump’s Attorney About Classification of the Documents

As special master, U.S. District Judge Raymond J. Dearie, previously requested more information from Trump’s attorneys concerning the declassification of over 100 sensitive documents found at his Mar-a-Lago estate. According to Trump’s attorneys, revealing that information now would force them to prematurely disclose a defense to any subsequent indictment.

Ranked Choice Voting or Rigged Election?

Since Alaska’s primary election, a heated debate among politicians has erupted over ranked-choice voting. Some legislators argue that the electoral system “gives all Americans a voice” and is “sensible” regarding weeding out extreme candidates. In contrast, others call it a “scam” that “disenfranchises voters.”

Democrats have Severely Wounded America’s Soul

In a half-hour speech delivered from Scranton, Pa., Mr. McCarthy seized the themes that President Biden was addressing in a prime-time address. He turned them on their head against Democrats in a remarkable attempt at political jujitsu aimed at muddying the waters about Mr. Trump’s conduct and handling of sensitive government information.

Trump Hires New Attorney for Legal Battle with the DOJ

Mr. Kise is expected to make his debut at a hearing scheduled for Thursday by Judge Cannon. An individual who has knowledge of the matter says, Mr. Kise has a deal to join Mr. Trump’s team and will leave Foley & Lardner to do so. In the past, he has successfully argued cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. As a longtime GOP activist, he served on the transition teams of former Republican Gov. Rick Scott and current GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis.