Supreme Court Said No, But Biden Found Another Way: The Ongoing Saga of Student Debt Cancellation

President Biden unveiled a new student debt relief initiative on Wednesday following the Supreme Court’s rejection of his administration’s previous, more expansive proposal. This recent move is part of a series of measures that leverage existing government programs to provide debt relief to specific groups of borrowers. This is distinct from the administration’s earlier effort … Read more

Senate’s Heroic Move Saves Nation from the Brink of a Biden-Induced Fiscal Abyss!

In a recent display of fiscal responsibility, the US Senate approved a 45-day continuing resolution, effectively averting a government shutdown that loomed like a dark cloud over the Biden administration. This move ratified swiftly following the House’s decision, was signed into law by President Joe Biden late Saturday night, just before the midnight deadline. The … Read more

Unprecedented Budget Reforms: A Dawn of Fiscal Prudence and Border Security!

In a decisive move to secure America’s fiscal and national security, the House is set to deliberate on four crucial Fiscal Year 2024 (FY24) appropriations packages on September 26, just days before the new fiscal year commences on October 1. This follows a rigorous session by the House Rules Committee on September 23, which advanced … Read more

Biden Administration Revokes Oil and Gas Leases; Prepare for a Surge at the Pump

Alaska’s Republican Governor, Mike Dunleavy, has claimed that the Biden administration is in violation of the law by revoking oil and gas leases in a federal wildlife sanctuary previously granted to a state entity. Dunleavy voiced his concerns on the “John Solomon Reports” podcast, stating that the U.S. President is consciously violating the law. He … Read more

Ukraine Aid or Fortifying Border Security? Biden Choses Ukraine

The White House released a $40.1 billion funding proposal on Thursday. The proposal was sent to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy in a formal communication, which included detailed information. This comprehensive request encompasses various financial allocations, allocating $24 billion for Ukraine-related matters. In comparison, a comparatively modest sum of $4 billion is earmarked for reinforcing security … Read more

Biden’s Bling-Bling Diplomacy: Ships 500 Million Dollars Worth of Metal Monsters to Ukraine!

The Biden government confirmed its decision to deploy up to $500 million in military assistance to Ukraine this Tuesday, a move set to include over 50 heavily fortified vehicles and an impressive supply of air defense system missiles. This support follows an unexpected insurrection in Russia over the weekend. It is seen as an effort … Read more

Democrats Outraged as Speaker McCarthy Calls for Spending Cuts, Political Showdown Likely

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy faces backlash from Democrats as he aligns with hard-right GOP members to push for spending cuts. This strategy, aimed at appeasing the conservative faction within his party, sets the stage for a potential government shutdown later this year. McCarthy had made promises of significant spending reductions to secure his position as … Read more

Will U.S. Taxpayers Be Responsible For Covering Damages Resulting From California’s Project Roomkey?

San Francisco may be required to pay $19.5 million in compensation for property damage resulting from housing homeless individuals in privately owned hotels during the COVID-19 pandemic. The lawsuit, filed by the historic Hotel Whitcomb, is expected to be resolved by this settlement. Around 400 homeless individuals were accommodated in the hotel as part of “Project Roomkey,” a program launched by the California Department of Social Services to assist the state’s homeless population.