“Elections” This year will see more elections than ever. But don’t call it a win for democracy

This year’s elections will be a significant test for democracy worldwide, with approximately 4 billion people in 76 nations set to head to the polls, marking the most extensive election year on record. While some of these elections are expected to be fair, others in countries like Russia and North Korea are likely to be … Read more

Explosive Incidents Disrupt Pakistan General Elections

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Multiple explosions rocked Pakistan during the general elections, causing chaos and concern among voters and officials. The blasts occurred at the time of the elections, raising questions about the safety and security of the electoral process in the country. The exact number of explosions and their impact on the electoral proceedings are … Read more

Explosions Kill 30 People in Balochistan Ahead of Pakistan’s General Elections

QUETTA, Pakistan – On the eve of Pakistan’s general elections, tragedy struck Balochistan province as two separate explosions took the lives of at least 30 individuals and left another 40 injured. The blasts occurred near election offices belonging to Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) and an independent candidate, sparking fear and chaos in the region. Deputy Commissioner … Read more

Terrorist Attack Leaves Six Dead in North Waziristan Ahead of Elections

MIR ALI, Pakistan – The escalating violence in the town of Mir Ali in North Waziristan district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has claimed the lives of six people, as the region grapples with a surge in terrorism ahead of the upcoming countrywide elections. The victims, who were from Punjab and ran barber shops in the local … Read more

Ranked Choice Voting or Rigged Election?

Since Alaska’s primary election, a heated debate among politicians has erupted over ranked-choice voting. Some legislators argue that the electoral system “gives all Americans a voice” and is “sensible” regarding weeding out extreme candidates. In contrast, others call it a “scam” that “disenfranchises voters.”