Violent Deaths Report: 2021 Data Reveals Alarming Statistics Across 48 States and DC

In San Juan, Puerto Rico, data for 2021 reveals a grim reality of violent deaths, including homicides, suicides, deaths of undetermined intent, and legal intervention deaths. The statistics shed light on the devastating impact of such incidents, with a total of 880 deaths reported across the region. Homicides account for the largest proportion of violent … Read more

Assaults on Hospital Staff in Western Sydney Reach Alarming Levels, Prompting Calls for Change

Sydney, Australia – Hospitals in western Sydney are grappling with a rising tide of violent assaults, leaving hospital staff feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed. Instances of attacks on medical personnel have surged in recent years, prompting calls for better protection and resources to address the growing issue. In a recent incident at Westmead Hospital, a 39-year-old … Read more

Safety Concerns Rise with Alarming Increase in Colorado Water-Related Fatalities

Fort Collins, Colorado – The summer season in Colorado has seen a concerning number of water-related deaths, with the most recent tragedy occurring in Larimer County. The state’s Parks and Wildlife department has expressed alarm at the increasing fatalities and rescues, particularly as the Fourth of July weekend approaches, known for its heavy water recreation … Read more

Active Shooter Epidemic Rising in Texas: FBI Report Sheds Light on Alarming Trend

Allen, Texas – The Federal Bureau of Investigation, in collaboration with researchers from Texas State University, has recently released the 2023 statistics on active shooters. These findings paint a grim picture, with Texas standing out for the high number of incidents occurring within its borders. According to the report, there were a total of 48 … Read more

Aboriginal Woman’s Traumatic Hospital Experience Raises Alarming Concerns in Victoria

Ballarat, Victoria – A young Aboriginal woman’s traumatic experience at a Victorian hospital has sparked outrage and calls for investigation into the care she received. Sissy Austin, a Gunditjmara woman, suffered a violent assault last year in a forest near Ballarat, resulting in severe head injuries. Despite her condition, Austin was able to self-discharge from … Read more

Unsolved Muggings in London Reach Alarming Numbers, Liberal Democrats Warn

London, England – The Liberal Democrats are raising concerns over the high number of unsolved muggings in London last year. According to figures released by the House of Commons Library, a staggering 18,584 robberies of personal property were reported in the capital in 2023 without any suspects being identified. This alarming statistic translates to over … Read more

Opioid-Related Deaths Among Black Americans Surpass White Counterparts: CDC Study Highlights Alarming Disparities

Minneapolis, Minnesota – A recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed a troubling trend in 2020: the opioid-related death rate among Black Americans surpassed that of their white counterparts for the first time since the onset of the opioid crisis in the United States. The data showed a staggering 44% … Read more

Unsolved: Fifty daily muggings in London, victim warns of alarming crime rate

London, UK – A victim of a violent attack from the Liberal Democrats in London has raised concerns about the increasing number of unsolved muggings in the city. The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, highlighted the alarming rate of fifty muggings a day that are left unresolved, posing a significant threat to public safety … Read more

Alcohol-Related Mortality and Hospital Admissions Reach Alarming Levels in England: New Data Update Revealed

London, England – New data has been released regarding alcohol-related mortality and hospital admissions in England. The updated information covers various indicators, including alcohol-specific mortality, chronic liver disease mortality, and alcohol-related admissions. This data is now accessible at the local authority level as well as for England, regions, deprivation deciles, and sex. The data has … Read more

Firearms Research Reveals Alarming Impact on Child Survivors of Gun Violence

New York City, NY – A recent study has revealed alarming statistics regarding the impact of firearms on children in the United States, with firearms now being identified as the leading cause of child deaths in the country. The study, conducted by Northwell Health in partnership with Stacker and published in Health Affairs, sheds light … Read more