Demolition Underway on Youngstown’s Unsafe Realty Tower After Deadly Blast

Youngstown, Ohio – Demolition has commenced on the Realty Tower in Youngstown following a deadly explosion on May 28th that claimed the life of one individual and left nine others injured. The tower was deemed unsafe and was at risk of imminent collapse after the tragic incident. The explosion prompted authorities to take swift action, … Read more

Unsafe Weighted Sleepwear Pulled by Top Retailers Due to Infant Safety Concerns

Orlando, FL – In a significant move, major retailers Amazon, Walmart, and Target have decided to remove weighted sleepwear products from their shelves due to safety concerns. These products have been linked to a potential risk of inhibiting infants’ ability to breathe and circulate blood properly. The decision to pull the weighted sleepwear products comes … Read more

Unsafe Sleeping Habits Blamed for Spike in Sudden Infant Deaths, New Study Shows

Cape Town, South Africa – A recent study revealed alarming findings linking unsafe sleeping practices to numerous sudden infant deaths. Researchers discovered that many infants who tragically passed away were placed in risky sleeping positions. This study sheds light on the importance of safe sleep practices for babies. The research highlighted that infants who were … Read more

Unsafe Sleep Practices Linked to Infant SIDS Deaths: Study Shows Alarming Findings on Hazardous Sleeping Arrangements

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – A recent study reveals that many infants who die from Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths (SUID) have been exposed to multiple unsafe sleep practices. Researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine discovered that 76% of SUID cases involved hazardous sleep practices, such as sharing a bed with someone else, sleeping with … Read more

Unsafe Streets: New Mexico’s Deadly Roads Overlooked for Federal Funding Despite High Fatality Rates

Gallup, New Mexico, a city plagued by a high pedestrian death rate, is struggling to access federal funds intended to improve road safety. Despite being in a disadvantaged area, the city has not received much-needed financial assistance from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s Safe Streets and Roads for All program. The lack of resources and capacity … Read more

Unsafe Sleep Practices Linked to Over Three-Quarters of Sudden Infant Deaths, Study Finds

Charlottesville, VA – A recent study sheds light on the alarming prevalence of unsafe sleep practices contributing to sudden infant deaths. The analysis, published in the journal Pediatrics, examined over 7,500 cases of sudden infant death recorded in a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention registry between 2011 and 2020. The findings revealed that more … Read more

Unsafe Sleep Practices Linked to High Infant SIDS Death Toll, Study Finds

Orlando, Florida – A recent study on infant Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) deaths has revealed concerning trends in unsafe sleep practices. The findings, released in 2024, shed light on the prevalence of risky behaviors that contribute to these tragic outcomes. The report highlights that a significant number of infant deaths related to SIDS are … Read more

Unsafe Sleep Practices Dominant in Most Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths, Study Finds

New York, NY – A recent study reveals concerning findings regarding the sleep practices leading to Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths (SUID). The research presented identifies multiple unsafe sleep habits that are prevalent in these tragic cases, shedding light on the importance of safe sleep practices for infants. According to the study, a significant number of … Read more

Unsafe Sleep Practices Linked to Majority of Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths, Study Finds

Charlottesville, Virginia – Unsafe sleep practices have been found to contribute to over three-quarters of Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths in various jurisdictions from 2011 to 2020, according to a recent study. The research highlights the urgent need for more comprehensive safe-sleep education for new parents, especially from healthcare professionals. Among the 7,595 infant deaths reviewed, … Read more

Brutal Attack Leaves Portland Family Feeling Unsafe: 73-Year-Old Beaten at Waterfront

Portland, Oregon – A family in Portland is feeling uneasy after a 73-year-old was viciously attacked at the waterfront. The incident has left them questioning the safety of the area. The victim, who remains unidentified, was reportedly beaten on a Saturday evening near Tom McCall Waterfront Park. The family shared their concerns about the lack … Read more