Execution of David Hosier in Missouri Sparks Controversy and Activism

POTOSI, MISSOURI – The state of Missouri carried out its second execution of the year on Tuesday, with death row inmate David Hosier being pronounced dead at 6:11 p.m. after receiving a lethal injection. Hosier, 69, was convicted for the 2009 shooting death of his former lover, Angela Gilpin, a married mother of two. Gilpin … Read more

Execution Scheduled for Death Row Inmate Taberone Honie in Utah

CEDAR CITY, Utah – After 25 years on death row, Taberon Honie, convicted of the 1998 murder and sexual assault of Claudia Benn, faces an impending execution by lethal injection. The execution, scheduled for August 8th, marks a significant development in a case that has spanned more than two decades. Honie, convicted in 1999 for … Read more

Death Row Prisoner in Missouri Speaks Out Before Execution: An Inside Look at His Final Words

Kansas City, Missouri – A death row inmate in Missouri, facing an imminent execution, has broken his silence by speaking out about his case. As the date of his execution draws near, the prisoner has decided to share his thoughts and reflections on the situation. The inmate, who has been on death row for multiple … Read more

Execution Requested for Man Sentenced to Death in 1999 for Brutal Murder

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Prosecutors in Utah have filed a request seeking the execution of Taberone Dave Honie, a man who was sentenced to death in 1999 for the brutal murder of his ex-girlfriend’s mother. Honie was convicted of aggravated murder on May 18, 1999, after he killed Claudia Benn in a horrific manner … Read more

Execution: Idaho’s Failed Killing of Thomas Creech Sparks Debate on Next Steps and Public Opinion

Boise, Idaho – The recent botched execution attempt of serial killer Thomas Creech in late February has raised significant questions about the future of capital punishment in Idaho. The Idaho Department of Correction reported that medical staff were unable to establish a vein to insert the IV line for the lethal injection, leading to the … Read more

**Oklahoma’s Felony Murder Rule** Under Scrutiny as Man Faces Execution Without Killing Anyone

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Death penalty opponents in Oklahoma are facing the looming execution of Tremane Wood, a man who is set to be put to death despite not being the actual killer in the crime for which he was convicted. Wood has been on Oklahoma’s Death Row since 2004, following his involvement in a … Read more

Execution of Missouri Man for 2006 Murders Sparks Controversy and Debate

Jefferson City, Missouri – The state of Missouri carried out the execution of Brian Dorsey on Tuesday for the 2006 murders of his cousin and her husband, following unsuccessful attempts to spare his life. Dorsey, 52, was pronounced dead at 6:11 p.m. through a lethal injection, according to the Missouri Department of Corrections. Hours after … Read more

Death Row Inmate Derrick Dearman Accepts Fate and Drops Appeals to Face Execution: The Inside Story

Citronelle, Alabama – Derrick Dearman, a convicted killer responsible for the brutal slayings of five individuals in south Alabama, has openly admitted his guilt. Dearman, sentenced to death row in 2018 for the murders, has made the decision to forego any further appeals of his conviction and death sentence, expressing a readiness to accept his … Read more

Execution: 41-Year-Old Man Put to Death in Oklahoma for Killing Indian National

McAlester, Oklahoma: In a significant development in Oklahoma, the state carried out its first execution of the year by administering lethal injection to a 41-year-old man for the murder of two individuals, including an Indian national back in 2002. The executed man, Michael Dewayne Smith, faced the death penalty for the killings of Indian store … Read more