Struggle over Gun in Corona Leads to Fatal Shooting: Man Charged with Murder in Woman’s Death

Corona, California – A tragic incident unfolded in Corona as a man and a Riverside County Sheriff’s deputy engaged in a struggle that resulted in the fatal shooting of a woman. The victim has been identified as Jennifer Rose Dobbins, 30, of Imperial Beach, with the suspect, Eric Nourani, 33, from San Diego County, now … Read more

Trial Begins for Man Accused of Killing Alfred Wong in Vancouver Gun Violence Case

Vancouver, British Columbia – Six years have passed since the tragic death of 15-year-old Alfred Wong, who was fatally struck by a stray bullet while riding in his parents’ car on a bustling Vancouver street. Now, the man accused of firing the fatal shot, Kane Carter, is facing trial for the two counts of second-degree … Read more

Illinois Teacher Murdered in Tragic Domestic Dispute: Husband Turns Gun on Wife

Normal, Illinois – The community of Normal, Illinois was shaken last week by a tragic incident involving a second-grade teacher and her ex-husband. The teacher, Amy Moore, 46, was found dead in an apparent murder-suicide with her ex-husband, 64-year-old Real Estate Broker Matthew Moore. The ordeal unfolded after Matthew illegally entered Amy’s home in the … Read more

Woman Caught on Camera Fatally Shooting New Orleans Man with His Own Gun, Alleges Police

New Orleans, Louisiana – A woman facing charges of murder in New Orleans was apprehended this week after allegedly fatally shooting a man with his own gun, the police assert in court documents filed in Criminal District Court. Elisa Davis, 20, was taken into custody in Texas by U.S. Marshals following the shooting of 38-year-old … Read more

Justice Denied: Gun Violence Suspect Escapes Felony Charge Despite Prior Arrest

San Pedro, California – A tragic shooting at a bar in San Pedro resulted in the death of a 33-year-old man, Tyrone Tyars, and left two others injured. The suspect in the shooting, an 18-year-old woman named Estrella Rojas, had a previous encounter with law enforcement that has sparked controversy and criticism. According to reports, … Read more

Pellet Gun Slaying: Teen Sentenced for Killing Homeless Woman in Serra Mesa

SAN DIEGO, California – A tragic event unfolded in Serra Mesa last year when a young man fatally shot a 68-year-old homeless woman with a pellet gun. William Innes, 19, was sentenced to five years and eight months in state prison after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter in connection with the death of Annette Pershal. … Read more

Gun Reform: WA Premier Considers Strengthening Laws After Tragic Mother-Daughter Shooting

Perth, Australia – The tragic murder of a mother and daughter, Jennifer and Gretl Petelczyc, in their own home has prompted discussions about potential gun law reforms in Western Australia. The state’s Premier, Roger Cook, expressed his intention to further strengthen firearm legislation in response to the incident, which was described by the state government … Read more

Gunman Allegedly Trained by Video Game and Gun Companies in Uvalde School Shooting Legal Action

Uvalde, Texas – Two years after the tragic school shooting that claimed the lives of 19 students and two teachers at Robb Elementary School in May 2022, families of the victims have taken legal action against three companies they believe contributed to the gunman’s ability to carry out the attack. The families have filed lawsuits … Read more

Lawsuit Filed Against Gun Manufacturer Daniel Defense, Meta, and Microsoft by Uvalde School Shooting Families

Uvalde, Texas – Families of the victims tragically killed during the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas are seeking justice through a lawsuit against gun manufacturer Daniel Defense, Meta, and Microsoft. This legal action comes on the poignant second anniversary of the devastating incident that claimed the lives of 19 children and two teachers. … Read more

Call of Duty Lawsuits Filed Against Meta & Gun Company After Uvalde School Shooting

Austin, Texas – Families of 19 victims of a tragic school shooting in Uvalde have announced new lawsuits against Instagram parent company Meta Platforms, the maker of the video game “Call of Duty,” and the gun company that produced the assault rifle used in the attack. The lawsuits were revealed on the two-year anniversary of … Read more