Humanitarian Crisis Unfolding in Gaza as Israeli Military Continues Bombardment and Aid Groups Issue Dire Warnings

New York – The Israeli military’s ongoing bombardment of the Gaza Strip, which began more than four months ago with an invasion by Hamas terrorists, has resulted in a deadly conflict with no end in sight. The recent cease-fire that led to the release of over 100 hostages from Gaza has now faded into memory, … Read more

Tick Invasion in Maine: Warm Winters Make Ticks an Ongoing Year-Round Issue

Maine, USA – As adults in Maine discuss the growing concern of ticks, many reminisce how ticks were not a concern during their childhood. The shift from non-existent to a prevalent issue seemed to happen overnight, and Maine’s cold winters seemed to keep the tick population in check. However, recent years have seen a change … Read more

Russian Man Admits to Beheading Escort After Intimacy Issue, Suspected of Being Prostitute Serial Killer

Moscow, RUSSIA – A Russian man who confessed to beheading an escort after he was unable to perform during a drunken binge is suspected of being a prostitute serial killer. Alexei Varakin, 37, admitted to stabbing Vlada Skitskaya, 25, to death in her Moscow high rise after he became enraged due to suffering an “intimate … Read more