West Virginia Drug Overdose Statistics Show Alarming Increase in Fentanyl-Related Deaths

Charleston, West Virginia – The opioid epidemic continues to ravage communities across West Virginia, with drug overdose deaths reaching alarming levels. According to preliminary statistics for 2021, the state has seen a significant increase in drug overdose deaths compared to previous years, highlighting the urgent need for intervention and support for those struggling with addiction. … Read more

Investigation Reveals Fentanyl-Related Deaths in Cheraw Area: Sheriff’s Office

CHERAW, S.C. – The Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating three deaths related to suspected fentanyl poisoning that occurred on Monday. The incident took place along McQueen Road near Chesterfield and Cheraw, where officials responded to calls for assistance. According to the sheriff’s office, two victims were found at the scene, while another had … Read more

Fentanyl-Related Deaths Included in Declining Homicide Numbers for 2023 in Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — Homicides in Oklahoma City have seen a minor decline in 2023, dropping from 74 in 2022 to 72 in the most recent statistics. However, this year’s numbers include fentanyl-related deaths, a new factor that previously wasn’t accounted for in the homicide count. Gary Knight of the OKC Police department noted that … Read more