Violence Prevention: TeachKind Urges Humane Education After Disturbing Incidents in El Paso Schools

El Paso, Texas – TeachKind, a division of PETA focused on humane education, has taken action in response to disturbing incidents involving students at local schools. Following reports of a young person beating a dog while others watched and recorded the attack, alongside a separate incident where a student threw a teacher to the ground, … Read more

Safety – Journalists Fear for Safety in Slovakia Amid Political Tensions and Violence Risk

Bratislava, Slovakia – Fears for the safety of journalists in Slovakia have heightened following an assassination attempt on the country’s prime minister, Robert Fico. The attack has raised concerns about the relationship between the government and local independent media outlets, with some politicians pointing fingers at critical coverage as a factor in the incident. Tensions … Read more

Violence Against UCLA Anti-Genocide Student Condemned by CAIR-LA

Los Angeles, CA – The Council on American-Islamic Relations in Los Angeles has denounced Assemblymember Zbur’s reaction to the recent violence against a UCLA student advocating against genocide. The organization expressed disappointment in Zbur’s response to the situation. The student, who was targeted for her anti-genocide activism, faced a disturbing incident that has sparked concern … Read more

Assault: Diddy’s Apology Sparks Backlash After 2016 Violence Video Surfaced

Los Angeles, California – A video from 2016 has resurfaced, showing rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs assaulting his ex-girlfriend and singer Cassie Ventura. This disturbing incident, captured on hotel surveillance footage, has reignited a wave of legal troubles for the music mogul. The release of the video comes amidst ongoing investigations into various allegations against Combs, … Read more

Fatal Violence Erupts in Vijayawada Suburb Amidst Longstanding Grudge

Vijayawada, India: A tragic incident in Repalle has left a 48-year-old man dead. Subba Rao, a resident of Guddikayalanka village with a history of criminal activity, lost his life in a violent altercation near Jagananna colony. The assailants, identified as Viswanathapalli Prasad and Adarsh, reportedly attacked Rao while they were consuming alcohol together on Monday … Read more

Gun Violence Spikes in Savannah: Two Dead, Dozens Injured in Recent City Shootings

Savannah, Georgia is facing a recent surge in violent gun incidents, resulting in multiple injuries and fatalities. Over the weekend, the city experienced a string of shootings that left at least two individuals dead and more than a dozen others wounded. The most recent and largest shooting occurred late Saturday in Ellis Square, prompting a … Read more

Shooting Spree Leaves 6 Injured in Downtown Savannah Gun Violence Crisis

SAVANNAH, Ga. – The city of Savannah, Georgia, is reeling from a string of gun violence incidents that have occurred since Friday, resulting in at least two fatalities and over a dozen injuries. Police reported that a total of 14 individuals were injured, with two fatalities, including a young boy, in the wake of the … Read more

Safety Concerns for Foreign Students in Kyrgyzstan Rise After Fatal Hostel Violence

New Delhi, India: A tragic incident unfolded in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, as at least four Pakistani students lost their lives and many others sustained serious injuries during a violent outbreak at a hostel. Disturbing reports have emerged regarding the lack of assistance from both the Pakistani Embassy and local authorities in Kyrgyzstan, with allegations pointing to … Read more

Firearms Research Reveals Alarming Impact on Child Survivors of Gun Violence

New York City, NY – A recent study has revealed alarming statistics regarding the impact of firearms on children in the United States, with firearms now being identified as the leading cause of child deaths in the country. The study, conducted by Northwell Health in partnership with Stacker and published in Health Affairs, sheds light … Read more