Tornado Strikes Greenfield: Multiple Deaths and Dozens Injured, State Patrol Confirms

GREENFIELD, Iowa – A devastating tornado swept through Greenfield, Iowa, causing multiple deaths and leaving at least a dozen people injured. The state patrol reported extensive damage in the small town of Adair County, with homes destroyed, cars thrown about, and trees left stripped bare. Meteorologist Brad Small from the National Weather Service in metro … Read more

Prison Warden and Staff Facing Charges Over Inmate Deaths in Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin – The warden of a maximum-security prison in Wisconsin and eight of his staff members were hit with charges on Wednesday in connection with the deaths of four inmates over the past year. The charges stem from investigations that revealed unsettling circumstances, such as one inmate not being discovered until 12 hours after … Read more

Ghostly Encounter Leads Trainee Nurse to Embrace Life and Death’s Mysteries

London, United Kingdom – As a young trainee nurse working on a pediatric ward during a whooping cough epidemic, one vivid memory stands out among the many experiences Nadine Dorries faced. In the early hours of a morning shift, a junior doctor spoke of a mysterious sighting of a little girl wandering on the ward, … Read more

California Socialite Receives 15 Years to Life for Hit-and-Run Deaths of Young Brothers

Westlake Village, California – A wealthy co-founder of a burn center in Los Angeles was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison on Monday for the hit-and-run killings of two young brothers while they were in a crosswalk over three years ago. Rebecca Grossman was convicted in February for the deaths of Mark Iskander, … Read more

Inmate Deaths Lead to Charges for Wisconsin Warden and Staff Members

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – A Wisconsin warden and eight staff members are facing charges following investigations into inmate deaths. The Department of Corrections conducted probes into the deaths of several inmates, leading to the charges being brought against the warden and staff members. The investigation revealed that the warden and employees allegedly engaged in actions that … Read more

Inmate Deaths Probe Leads to Charges Against Wisconsin Warden and Staff Members

Green Bay, Wisconsin – A Wisconsin warden and eight staff members are facing charges in connection with investigations into inmate deaths. The charges come following probes conducted in response to allegations of negligence and misconduct within the prison system. This development has raised concerns about the treatment of inmates and the accountability of those responsible … Read more

Investigation: Wisconsin warden and 8 staff members charged in inmate deaths scandal

Madison, Wisconsin – A Wisconsin warden and eight staff members are facing charges following investigations into inmate deaths. The charges come after scrutiny into the handling of the deaths of incarcerated individuals in the state’s prison system. The case has brought attention to the treatment of inmates and the responsibilities of prison officials in ensuring … Read more

Warden Arrested: NIne Charged in Wisconsin Inmate Deaths Scandal

MADISON, Wis. – A major scandal has shaken the Wisconsin prison system, with nine individuals arrested in connection to the deaths of four inmates at the Waupun Correctional Institution. The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office made the announcement, emphasizing the need for accountability for the actions and inactions of state employees involved in the incidents. Among … Read more

Prison Warden Arrested Ahead of Major Announcement on Inmate Deaths Investigation

Madison, Wisconsin – The warden of Waupun Correctional Institution, a maximum-security prison in Wisconsin, was taken into custody just hours before authorities were set to announce further arrests related to investigations into inmate deaths at the facility. Randall Hepp, who has been serving as warden since 2020, was arrested amid ongoing probes into the troubling … Read more

Prison Officials Charged with Neglect After Inmate Deaths at Wisconsin Facility

MADISON, Wis. – The guards at Wisconsin’s oldest maximum-security prison are facing serious allegations of neglect after authorities revealed a lack of basic care provided to inmates who tragically died under their watch. Among the shocking revelations are instances where inmates passed away from dehydration and strokes without timely intervention from the prison staff. In … Read more