Analysis Shows Poor Conviction Rates for Violent Crimes in the US

Boston, Massachusetts – One of the central arguments in favor of the government’s monopoly on police powers is that government police are essential in “keeping us safe.” Without this “thin blue line” between chaos and order, we are told, society will descend into chaos. The police have retreated to the claim that their real role … Read more

Murder Rates in New Orleans Drop in 2023, Despite National Surge in Crime

NEW ORLEANS, La. – A recent analysis reveals a decrease in murders across New Orleans in 2023 compared to previous years. Data analyst Jeff Asher reported a total of 193 homicides in the city last year, marking a decline from the 266 murders in 2022. Asher, who compiles crime statistics for the New Orleans City … Read more

Interest Rates to Increase

The rate increases are expected to bring down inflation, but will also cause pain for households and businesses, said Powell. He added that it would be far more painful if we didn’t restore price stability.
Following Mr. Powell’s remarks, which were unusually brief for such an event, U.S. stocks fell sharply, and bond prices edged lower