Investigation Underway into Multiple Duck Deaths at Twin Hills Park in Crestview

Authorities in Crestview, Florida are currently investigating the mysterious deaths of several ducks at Twin Hills Park. The city officials issued a statement on Thursday afternoon, announcing the investigation and precautionary measures being taken. As a safety measure, the city has decided to limit access to the park’s two ponds until further notice. Residents are … Read more

Exhumation and Investigation: Twin Sisters Seek Answers in 50-Year-Old Family Murders

SAYLORSBURG, Pa. – Tucked away in Lori Leonard’s kitchen in the Poconos are poster boards filled with notes, reports, and haunting images. Among the clutter, a new flier stands out – “2 Unsolved Murders in One Family” written in bold red letters across the top, a painful reminder of the 50 years of mystery and … Read more

Iran Condemns “Terrorist Act” with 95 Dead in Twin Bomb Blasts

Iran is reeling after a devastating terrorist attack at a ceremony to honor the late military commander Qassem Soleimani. At least 95 people were killed in the two bomb blasts in the southern city of Kerman, marking the deadliest attacks in the country in decades. The explosions occurred as crowds gathered to commemorate the anniversary … Read more