Protector Killed in River North Shooting: Community Mourns Loss

Denver, Colorado – The shocking incident of a deadly shooting that unfolded in the River North neighborhood of Denver left residents in disbelief. Melissa Milan, a resident of the area, was devastated to learn that her close friend Todd Kidd had tragically lost his life while bravely protecting his community. Milan recalled how she and … Read more

Suspect in New Jersey Murder Case Dies by Suicide After Toms River Standoff

Toms River, New Jersey – A New Jersey murder suspect met his demise on Friday night after succumbing to a self-inflicted gunshot wound following a tense standoff with law enforcement that lasted nearly seven hours. Maxwell Johnston, 35, of Manchester, took his own life as police surrounded a home on Ravenwood Drive in Toms River … Read more

Standoff in Toms River Ends with Murder Suspect’s Suicide

TOMS RIVER, New Jersey – A tragic incident unfolded in Toms River, New Jersey, where a man suspected of killing a woman took his own life after an intense standoff with police. The individual, identified as Maxwell Johnston, 35, reportedly ended his life with a self-inflicted gunshot wound following hours of negotiation with authorities at … Read more

Man Accused of Strangling Mother Found in River in Columbia

Lexington, South Carolina – One Columbia man is facing charges for the alleged murder of his mother, as reported by the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department. Terry Lee Self Jr., 37, has been arrested and charged with murder in connection to the death of his mother, identified as Regina Arroyo by the Lexington County Coroner Margaret … Read more

Explosion aftermath: Crooked River Ranch home saved from devastating fire

Crooked River Ranch, Oregon – A late-night explosion jolted the owners of a Crooked River Ranch home awake, only to find a raging fire consuming their property. The fire, which caused $530,000 in damage and losses, left the home in ruins. The incident took place in the 16000 block of Southwest Sage Hen Road, where … Read more

Explosive Firework Incident Injures Twin Girls in River Rouge, MI

River Rouge, Michigan – Tragedy struck a River Rouge home when an 11-year-old girl lost several fingers and her twin sister sustained injuries after a firework exploded in their hands. The incident occurred on Superior and Eaton streets at 5 p.m., leaving the girls with severe consequences. According to reports, the girls mistakenly believed the … Read more

River Serial Killer Suspected in String of Joliet Canal Deaths

JOLIET, IL – The Des Plaines River canal in Joliet, Illinois, has been the site of numerous tragic deaths over the years, drawing the attention of local authorities and residents alike. Recently, on April 19, the body of 37-year-old Joliet resident Robert Long was recovered by the Joliet Fire Department, adding to the somber list … Read more


Phoenix, Arizona – Recent events in Phoenix, Arizona have left the community reeling with news of arrests being made in connection to the deaths of a Gila River Police officer and a community member. In addition, a tragic murder-suicide has been reported, with two men found dead inside a Phoenix home. These incidents have gripped … Read more

Tragedy Strikes Arizona: Gila River Police Officer Killed in Shooting Incident

PHOENIX, ARIZ. – Tragedy struck in Santan, a community within the Gila River Indian Community, early Saturday morning, as a police officer lost his life and another officer was hospitalized following a shooting incident. The Gila River Police Department responded to a disturbance call around 2 a.m., where they encountered a chaotic scene with multiple … Read more

Police Officer Killed on Gila River Reservation in Tragic Incident

Phoenix, Arizona – The latest headlines from June 1, 2024, include the sentencing of Chad Daybell, known as the ‘Doomsday Prophet,’ to death in a triple-murder case. Additionally, a tragic incident on the Gila River reservation resulted in the death of a rookie police officer and injuries to others during a party. The Table Fire … Read more