School Shooter’s Writings Ownership and Release at Center of Legal Battle in Tennessee Court

Nashville, Tennessee – A Tennessee judge is currently deliberating the release of a school shooter’s writings as public records after the investigation concludes. An interesting twist to the case arises as the parents of children at Covenant School claim legal ownership of the shooter’s writings and hold the copyright. During a two-day hearing in Davidson … Read more

Supreme Court Upholds Murder Convictions for Men in Wilkes County Case

Atlanta, Georgia – In a ruling on Tuesday, the Georgia Supreme Court upheld the convictions of two men in a 2017 murder case in Wilkes County. Jarvis Lamont Milton was found guilty of murder and other offenses related to the shooting death of Frederick Cade. Richard Stroud Jr. was convicted of felony murder and possession … Read more

Supreme Court Denies Appeal for Black Lives Matter Leader Sued for Violent Attack on Police Officer

Atlanta, Georgia – The Supreme Court recently denied an appeal from a Black Lives Matter leader who was held liable for a violent attack on a police officer. The incident in question involved a clash between protesters and law enforcement during a demonstration in Georgia. The leader of the Black Lives Matter movement, who initiated … Read more

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal from Black Lives Matter Leader Held Liable for Violent Attack on Police Officer

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – The Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from a Black Lives Matter organizer held responsible for a violent incident involving a police officer during a protest he led. The case involved civil rights activist Deray Mckesson, who was sued by an unnamed Baton Rouge police officer identified as “John Doe” … Read more

Schizophrenic Man on E-Scooter Stabs Multiple People in Nottinghamshire: Court Hears Delusions

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom – A troubling case unfolded in Nottinghamshire as Junior Dietlin, a 20-year-old man diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, embarked on a disturbing spree where he targeted multiple individuals in unprovoked attacks, stabbing them in the upper arm before fleeing the scene. This harrowing series of events took place in both Mansfield and Mapperley, … Read more

Dementia sufferer’s ‘murderous attack’ on wife before golden wedding anniversary labeled ‘completely out of character’ by court

Dundee, Scotland – A heartbreaking incident unfolded in Dundee, Scotland, as a court learned about a tragic case involving a dementia sufferer and his wife. John Pryde, 77, shocked everyone by committing a violent attack on his wife Catherine Pryde, 74, which ultimately led to her death. The court described the assault as “sustained and … Read more

Court Appearance Scheduled for Man Charged with Murder in Fatal Brockton Pedestrian Accident

Brockton, Massachusetts – A man is facing charges of murder after allegedly hitting and killing a pedestrian in Brockton. The suspect is set to appear in court to face the charges brought against him. The tragic incident took place in a bustling area where pedestrians are frequent, raising concerns about safety and the responsibility of … Read more

Explosion Mystery: Court Docs Shed Light on Eastway Tank Disaster but Questions Remain

Ottawa, Canada – New details revealing the potential cause of a tragic explosion and fire at Eastway Tank, Pump and Meter over two years ago have surfaced in court documents presented recently. The company and its owner faced charges for violating Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act. Justice Mitch Hoffman imposed a record-breaking fine of … Read more

Murder Charges Filed in Death of Hannah McGuire: Ballarat Court Appearance Set

Ballarat, Victoria – A 21-year-old man faces murder charges following the tragic discovery of the body of young woman near the regional Victorian city of Ballarat on Friday. The victim, identified as Hannah McGuire, 23, was reported missing by her family early that morning. Her body was found later that day near State Forest Road … Read more

Staged Robbery Ends in Tragedy: Court Documents Reveal Shocking Details

Houston, Texas – Court documents reveal a shocking twist in what was initially believed to be a robbery turned homicide. The investigation uncovered that the robbery was staged by 22-year-old Rasshauud Scott, who was ultimately shot and killed by a bystander, Jesus Vargas. The elaborate scheme involved Scott working with William X. Winfrey, who orchestrated … Read more