Arrest made in Brooklyn deli stabbing of twin sisters

Brooklyn, New York – A 20-year-old man was apprehended and charged with murder on Friday following the tragic stabbing of twin sisters outside a Brooklyn deli, as confirmed by the New York Police Department. The suspect, identified as Veo Kelly from Stuyvesant Heights, surrendered himself to authorities with legal representation, marking the conclusion of a five-day manhunt.

Charged with the murder of 19-year-old Samyia Spain from Park Slope, Kelly allegedly attacked her after she rejected his advances, resulting in a fatal stab wound to her chest. Samyia’s twin sister, Sanyia Spain, suffered a stab wound to her arm but was in stable condition after receiving medical treatment. Alongside the murder charge, Kelly faces counts of assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny disclosed that Kelly was identified through surveillance footage from the deli where the incident occurred. According to Kenny, the confrontation escalated after Kelly became aggressive towards the sisters when they declined to provide their contact information, leading to a verbal and physical altercation.

The community of Park Slope is mourning the loss of Samyia Spain, with an outpouring of support evident through candles placed outside the twins’ residence. Described as vibrant and ambitious, a GoFundMe campaign organized by Spain’s family to honor her memory highlighted Samyia’s loving and charismatic nature, emphasizing her impact as a leader and joyous presence among friends.

Mohammed Albhar, a deli worker at the scene of the stabbing, reminisced about the girls being regular customers and remembered Samyia fondly as a friendly and upstanding individual. Reports from Albhar’s colleagues depicted a distressing situation where the sisters sought refuge inside the store as the assailant lingered outside, finally attacking them upon their departure.

Since the tragic incident, an outpouring of support has been shown towards the deli’s employees, with community members offering condolences and gestures of solidarity. Albhar, a longstanding employee at the deli, recounted the events and the aftermath, illustrating the impact of the violence on both the local community and those present during the incident.