Tragic Crib Cam Footage Reveals Toddler’s Seizure During Night of Sudden Death

Bel Air, Maryland – The last night of 17-month-old Hayden Fell’s life was tragically unremarkable. His parents and sister sang to him as he played happily in his pajamas with his twin brother. However, the next morning, tragedy struck when Hayden’s father found him unresponsive in his crib. Hayden became one of many healthy toddlers … Read more

Tragic Seizure Link Found in Sudden Deaths of Sleeping Toddlers

Bel Air, Maryland – The last bedtime of 17-month-old Hayden Fell’s life seemed like any other. The toddler was seen on crib video, playing happily with his family before bedtime. But tragically, the next morning, Hayden’s dad was unable to wake him. Hayden became one of the hundreds of seemingly healthy U.S. toddlers and preschoolers … Read more