North Carolina Residents Awaiting Super Purchase Delivery Face Uncertainty

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Residents in Charlotte, North Carolina are now facing a new requirement when making online purchases. The city is implementing a system that asks for both the state and zip code of the buyer before completing a transaction. This additional step aims to streamline the buying process and ensure accurate delivery of goods … Read more

Child Deaths in Gaza Will “Rapidly Increase” Without Immediate Humanitarian Aid Delivery

Gaza City, Gaza Strip – The United Nations issued a grave warning on Sunday regarding the escalating humanitarian crisis in Gaza, where child deaths are projected to surge if aid deliveries do not increase rapidly. The ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict has already claimed the lives of more than 30,000 Palestinians, with over 100 civilians reportedly killed … Read more

Delivery Driver’s Daughters Call for Improved Safety Measures

Cardiff, Wales – The tragic murder of Mark Lang, a dedicated parcel delivery driver, has sparked a call for improved safety measures to protect delivery drivers. His daughters, Cara and Elena Lang, are advocating for better safety protocols after their father was killed while on duty in March 2023. They witnessed the sentencing of Christopher … Read more

Justice: Amazon Flex driver shot and killed during delivery route

KING COUNTY, Wash. – The family of an Amazon delivery driver who was fatally shot while making package drop-offs is demanding answers and accountability for his death. Sergey Kubay, 50, had been working as an Amazon Flex driver for at least four years when he was found shot in his car on the early morning … Read more

Amazon: Family Seeks Accountability after Delivery Driver Killed

KING COUNTY, Wash. (AP) – The family of an Amazon delivery driver who was fatally shot while on the job is seeking answers and accountability from the shooter and the company. Sergey Kubay, 50, worked as an Amazon Flex driver for at least four years before he was found shot in his car, which he … Read more

Amazon Delivery Driver Killed on the Job: Family Mourns and Deputies Search for Shooter

Seattle, WA – The family of an Amazon delivery driver who was tragically killed on the job is mourning the loss as deputies search for the shooter. Sergay Kubay, survived by his wife and two young children, worked for Amazon as a delivery driver. The circumstances surrounding his death are currently under investigation by authorities. … Read more

Delivery Driver Fatally Shot in King County, Family Seeks Justice and Support

KING COUNTY, Wash. – Authorities in King County are actively searching for the individual responsible for the fatal shooting of a delivery driver in late January, leaving a grieving family to mourn the loss of their loved one. Sergey Kubay, a 50-year-old father, husband, and brother, was tragically shot and killed at Fairwood Pond Apartments … Read more

Deadly Gas Explosion at Fuyang Barbecue Restaurant Caused by Illegal LPG Delivery and Safety Violations

The city of Yinchuan in the Ningxia Hui autonomous region of China is still reeling from the tragic gas explosion that took place at the Fuyang Barbecue Restaurant on June 21, 2023. The explosion resulted in the loss of 31 lives and left seven individuals injured. Recently, the Chinese government revealed the findings of their … Read more

Murder: Naked Man Beats Delivery Driver to Death with Firewood in Fort Worth in Saturday Night Attack

FORT WORTH, Texas – A tragic incident unfolded in Fort Worth, Texas, where a delivery man was brutally beaten to death with a piece of firewood on Saturday night, based on information from an arrest affidavit obtained by NBC 5. Authorities have charged 27-year-old Chrisantus Omondi with the murder of Scotty Jackson on Wendover Drive … Read more

Pizza Delivery Driver Murdered: 3 Suspects Arrested in West Palm Beach Killing

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida – Two men and a woman have been arrested in connection with the shooting and killing of a 33-year-old pizza delivery driver at a birthday party. West Palm Beach Police officers responded to the scene and found the victim, Tommie Anderson III, who had been shot and later died at the … Read more