Lynching horror: Cow vigilantes target truck drivers in Chhattisgarh rampage

Raipur, Chhattisgarh – In the aftermath of the recent NDA government election, a tragic incident occurred where two truck drivers from Uttar Pradesh fell victim to alleged lynching by “cow vigilantes.” The drivers were transporting buffaloes in the early hours near the temple town of Arang in Raipur district. A third victim, Saddam Qureshi, survived … Read more

Taxi Drivers in Hobart Shaken by Violent Youths’ Attack

Hobart, Tasmania – The taxi driver community in Hobart, Tasmania, has been rattled by a recent violent attack targeting several drivers. Police are currently investigating the incident that occurred in Lutana, where a group of four youths reportedly attacked parked taxis and their drivers in the darkness of night. The offenders allegedly smashed several taxi … Read more

Report Scheme Proposed by Disabled Drivers Association to Protect Disabled Parking Spaces from Abuses

Dublin, Ireland – The Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland (DDAI) is advocating for a new system that would allow disabled drivers to report anonymously those who illegally park in disabled bays. This initiative aims to address the growing concern of physical and verbal abuse faced by disabled drivers when confronting violators of disabled parking spaces. … Read more

Robbery and Assault: Michigan Truck Drivers Face Charges After Violent Incident at Pennsylvania Comic Book Store

Birch Run, Michigan – Two truck drivers from Michigan face charges of robbery and assault after a violent incident at a comic book store in Pennsylvania. The incident occurred at a store in State College. The truck drivers, identified as suspects, allegedly perpetrated a violent robbery at the comic book store in broad daylight. The … Read more

Truck Drivers Charged for Violent Attack and Robbery at Local Comic Store

Lower Southampton Township, Pennsylvania – Two truck drivers from Michigan were charged 18 months after a violent attack and robbery at a comic store in Lower Southampton Township. The owner of Cosmic Collection was knocked down and tied up during the robbery. Despite the incident occurring over a year ago, a recent tip led police … Read more

Robbery Charges Filed Against Michigan Truck Drivers for Violent Comic Book Store Incident

Feasterville, Pennsylvania – Two truck drivers from Michigan are facing charges for the violent robbery of a Bucks County comic book store in September 2022, as reported by the county’s district attorney’s office. 22-year-old Zackery Maximus Tucker and 35-year-old Caleb James-Lorenze Simpson were identified as the suspects in the robbery. Tucker was arraigned on charges … Read more

Taxi Drivers in Morocco Reject Ride-sharing Apps, Fueling Clash of Cabs

Rabat, Morocco – Taxi drivers in Morocco are facing an ongoing challenge as they continue to resist the increasing popularity of ridesharing apps in the country. Despite the growing demand for convenient transportation options, taxi drivers are vehemently rejecting the presence of these tech-driven services in the local market. The clash between traditional taxi services … Read more

Delivery Driver’s Daughters Call for Improved Safety Measures

Cardiff, Wales – The tragic murder of Mark Lang, a dedicated parcel delivery driver, has sparked a call for improved safety measures to protect delivery drivers. His daughters, Cara and Elena Lang, are advocating for better safety protocols after their father was killed while on duty in March 2023. They witnessed the sentencing of Christopher … Read more