Israel intercepts Iran’s first-ever direct attack with drones and missiles

Jerusalem, Israel – The tranquility of Jerusalem was shattered in the early hours of April 14 by a series of explosions and blaring sirens. This jarring event unfolded as Iran unleashed a barrage of drones and missiles at Israel, marking a historic moment as it was the first time Iran had directly attacked Israeli territory. … Read more

Iran Launches Direct Attack on Israel with Explosive Drones and Ballistic Missiles in Operation True Promise

Tel Aviv, Israel – Explosions lit up the night sky above Israel and the West Bank as Iran carried out its first direct attack on Israeli territory. The Israeli military reported that approximately 200 ‘aerial units’ were launched from Iran, while Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corp claimed responsibility for firing ballistic missiles at ‘specific targets’ in … Read more

Attack: Woman’s mouth wired shut after brutal incident in Venice, suspect arrested

LOS ANGELES, CA – In a horrifying incident, a woman in Venice had her mouth wired shut after being brutally attacked, resulting in the loss of her teeth and difficulty in speaking. The 54-year-old victim, Mary Klein, shared her harrowing experience from her hospital bed. She revealed that she was the first victim of the … Read more

Assaulted Woman Defiantly Speaks Out After Brutal Attack in Venice Canals

Venice, California – A woman recovering from a brutal attack in the Venice Canals area is bravely speaking out from her hospital bed about her harrowing experience. Mary Klein is currently recuperating from an assault on April 6 that left her face severely bruised and her jaw wired shut. Klein revealed that her attacker had … Read more

Slashing: Washington Heights Deli Worker Shares Harrowing Attack Story

New York City, New York – A shocking incident in Washington Heights left victims injured after a violent and unprovoked attack at a deli. A worker at the establishment described the terrifying ordeal that occurred, highlighting the unexpected nature of the assault. The employee recounted how he and his friend were both hurt during the … Read more

Brutal Attack Leaves Woman’s Mouth Wired Shut: Victim Speaks Out from Hospital Bed

Los Angeles, California – A brutal attack in Venice left a woman with her mouth wired shut, her teeth knocked out, and barely able to speak. The victim, Mary Klein, bravely shared her story from her hospital bed, recounting the harrowing experience she endured at the hands of her attacker. Klein’s resilience and determination to … Read more

Teen Suspect Attempts Self-Harm in Custody After Brutal Attack and Robbery near Queens Church

Queens, New York – A 16-year-old suspect is facing charges in connection to a violent attack and robbery outside a church in Queens. The incident, which left a woman fighting for her life, occurred as she was walking to Sunday Mass at Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in the Briarwood section. Police sources revealed that … Read more

Teen Arrested for Violent Church Attack in Queens: Charged with Robbery at Knifepoint

Queens, New York – A teenager is facing charges for a violent attack on a 68-year-old woman outside a church in Queens, according to Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz. The 16-year-old suspect, whose identity is being withheld due to his age, has also been linked to another robbery incident earlier. District Attorney Katz described the … Read more

Sectarian IRA Attack on Kingsmill Workmen in 1976 Ruled by Coroner

Belfast, Northern Ireland – A coroner has ruled that the 1976 shooting that resulted in the deaths of 10 Protestant workmen at Kingsmill in Co Armagh was an “overtly sectarian attack by the IRA.” This tragic event, known as the Kingsmill massacre, was claimed by a lesser-known paramilitary group called the South Armagh Republican Action … Read more