Man wielding knives shot and killed by out-of-state officers near Republican National Convention in Milwaukee

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Five Ohio police officers who were in town for the Republican National Convention shot and killed a man wielding two knives near the convention, as confirmed by Milwaukee’s police chief on Tuesday. The incident occurred just one mile from the convention site in Milwaukee, where officers from various jurisdictions were providing additional … Read more

Firefighter Hero Shot and Killed Shielding Family at Trump Rally: A Community Mourns

Butler, Pennsylvania – Friends and neighbors are mourning the loss of firefighter Corey Comperatore, who tragically lost his life while protecting his family during a rally for former President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign. Comperatore, described as a family man who served his community selflessly, was one of the thousands in attendance at the rally in … Read more

Murder Suspect Identified Through Familial DNA in Cold Case of Teen Best Friends Shot in Trunk of Car

Ozark, Alabama – In a tragic incident that shook the small town of Ozark, Alabama, two best friends, J.B. Beasley and Tracie Hawlett, were found shot to death in the trunk of Beasley’s Mazda on August 1, 1999. The girls, aged 17, had been reported missing six hours earlier after getting lost on their way … Read more

Trump Reveals Thoughts Amidst Photos After Being Shot: “I Knew I Had to Let Them Know We Are Okay”

Washington, D.C. – Former President Trump reflected on the moment he was shot in a recent interview, shedding light on the emotions and thoughts running through his mind as captured in unforgettable photos. Trump described the overwhelming energy from the crowd present at that moment as he realized the world was watching and history would … Read more

Employee Fatally Shot in Dispute at Church’s Chicken Drive-Thru, Tennessee Police Say

Nashville, Tennessee – A tragic incident unfolded at a Church’s Chicken drive-thru in Tennessee, resulting in a worker losing their life. According to reports from Tennessee law enforcement, an altercation in the drive-thru culminated in the fatal shooting of the employee. The Nashville Police Department revealed that the dispute erupted between a worker and a … Read more

Dispute in Cahokia Heights Leads to Father Being Charged with Killing Man who Shot His Son

Cahokia Heights, Illinois – A tragic incident unfolded when a father was charged with fatally shooting a man involved in a dispute that resulted in the injury of his son. The father allegedly took matters into his own hands after the shooting incident involving his son in Cahokia Heights. The confrontation reportedly began as a … Read more

Officer Shot and Killed by Suspect in Cleveland Identified as 24-Year-Old De’Lawnte Hardy

CLEVELAND, OHIO – Authorities in Cleveland have identified 24-year-old De’Lawnte Hardy as the individual accused of fatally shooting a police officer. Hardy has been charged with aggravated murder in connection with the incident. Cleveland Police Chief Annie Todd revealed that officers had been called to the 1500 block of East 80th following reports of a … Read more

Officer Shot in Oklahoma City Standoff: Suspect Killed, Five Rescued

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – A police officer in northwest Oklahoma City was shot while responding to a disturbance, leading to a tense standoff with the suspect who was eventually killed. The officer, identified as Sgt. Joshua Scott with eight years of service, underwent surgery and is expected to recover. The suspect, 22-year-old Kavon Ragan, refused … Read more

Good Samaritan Shot in Neck While Protecting Woman in Chicago Altercation

Chicago, Illinois – A 21-year-old man was shot in the neck early Wednesday while trying to protect a woman from a physical attack. The incident occurred around 12:15 a.m. near South Lawndale Avenue and West 13th Street, according to Chicago police. Authorities reported that after the young man intervened, the attacker brandished a gun and … Read more

Teen Fatally Shot by Police After Fleeing and Pointing Replica Handgun, Officers Say

Phoenix, Arizona – A 13-year-old boy was tragically killed by police after allegedly fleeing from officers and pointing a replica handgun at them. The incident has sparked controversy and raised questions about the use of force by law enforcement towards minors. The confrontation occurred when police responded to reports of a young male carrying what … Read more