The Simple Truth Is Hunter Biden May Have Paid For Top Secret Information?

After the discovery of classified documents at Joe Biden’s home, republicans want to know if his son Hunter Biden had access to them. This is because Hunter Biden stated he paid about $50,000 per month to reside at the residence where classified documents were discovered. A document reveals that Hunter Biden claimed he paid $49,910 a month to live in President Joe Biden’s Delaware home, the same home where sensitive documents were uncovered.

Articles Of Impeachment Filed Against DHS Secretary By House Republicans

Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX) followed through on his vow to submit articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on the first working day of the 118th Congress by doing so. The articles of impeachment against Mayorkas were located in House Resolution 8 for the deeds of “high crimes and misdemeanors.” The resolution was referred to Judiciary Committee on Monday.

What Did Byron Donalds Get Out Of The McCarthy Deal?

Byron Donalds garnered a maximum of 20 votes for House speaker, including his own, during discussions to find a route forward to unite the GOP caucus after his name had been put up, despite initially voting with the majority of the caucus in the first rounds. Trump told Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo that Donalds … Read more