The Simple Truth Is Hunter Biden May Have Paid For Top Secret Information?

After the discovery of classified documents at Joe Biden’s home, republicans want to know if his son Hunter Biden had access to them. This is because Hunter Biden stated he paid about $50,000 per month to reside at the residence where classified documents were discovered. A document reveals that Hunter Biden claimed he paid $49,910 a month to live in President Joe Biden’s Delaware home, the same home where sensitive documents were uncovered.

Hunter Biden resided at the President’s home in Wilmington, Delaware, from March 2017 to February 2018, according to a document labeled “background screening test.” These documents also indicate that Hunter Biden claimed ownership of the land.

The Washington Examiner reported that Miranda Devine of the New York Post retweeted the paper, initially discovered on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop.

Former deputy assistant to former President Donald Trump, Sebastian Gorka, doubted Hunter Biden could afford to pay $50,000 per month to his father. At the same time, other Twitter users suspected that the purported payment was a mechanism for Hunter Biden to siphon money to his father.

The House Republicans plan to investigate Joe Biden’s suspected participation in Hunter Biden’s international business transactions. Joe Biden routinely attended his son’s business dealings while vice president, including meetings with Ukrainian, Chinese, and Kazakhstani businesses.

On Friday, the House Oversight Committee addressed a letter to the White House inquiring whether Hunter Biden had access to the confidential materials found at the Delaware property.

According to Reuters, the letter stated that the Committee is concerned that President Biden stored sensitive information at the same place where his son stayed while doing international business negotiations with U.S. adversaries.

According to Biden’s special counsel, Joe Biden’s attorneys discovered secret materials at the Delaware property on December 20, and more classified documents were found the following Wednesday and Thursday. The initial cache of sensitive materials was discovered at the Penn Biden Center, a think tank where Biden kept a private office, just days before the November midterm elections.

The Justice Department designated a special counsel to probe the President’s handling of the materials on Thursday. The President confirmed that the sensitive documents were in his garage, alongside his Corvette, and stated that his garage was “locked.” A video from Biden’s 2020 campaign shows him parking his Corvette in the garage with what look to be crates of documents behind him.

The White House stated on Monday that there are no visitor logs for Biden’s Delaware houses in response to a Republican House majority’s demand that Joe Biden produces the visitor logs.

The White House Counsel’s office informed Fox News Digital that, like every President in decades of modern history, his own house is private. The White House then added that upon assuming office, President Biden reinstated the standard and tradition of maintaining White House visitor logs and publicizing them regularly after the previous administration discontinued them.