The Simple Truth Is Hunter Biden May Have Paid For Top Secret Information?

After the discovery of classified documents at Joe Biden’s home, republicans want to know if his son Hunter Biden had access to them. This is because Hunter Biden stated he paid about $50,000 per month to reside at the residence where classified documents were discovered. A document reveals that Hunter Biden claimed he paid $49,910 a month to live in President Joe Biden’s Delaware home, the same home where sensitive documents were uncovered.

Donald Trump’s New Strategy Revealed For 2024 Election

The team of former President Donald Trump announced their plans for 2023, laying out an overwhelming campaign strategy for the 2024 elections. Former president’s spokesman Steven Cheung stated that the campaign is deploying top-level personnel in early voting states and growing its massive data operation to wage an overpowering campaign that’s never been seen before.

A Conviction on the Fraud Case is a Big Problem for Trump

On Monday, Donald Trump’s real estate and golf resort business go on trial in Manhattan, beginning a low-level corporate fraud case with enormous financial implications, including potential fines and tax penalties in the millions of dollars. However, there is a second possible cost that government budget watchdogs have been pushing for years.