Here Is Why Florida Will Be A Refuge Of Sanity Amid Biomedical Security

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has stated he plans to permanently prohibit COVID-19 vaccination and mask regulations and will make sure to keep Florida a “refuge of sanity.”

To shield Floridians from the “biomedical security state,” Governor Ron DeSantis has signed an executive order barring COVID-19 vaccinations and protective gear.

DeSantis stated in his speech in Panama City Beach that they had to confront significant societal institutions over the past few years, including the bureaucracy, the medical establishment, legacy media, and the president, who were all working together to impose a biological security state on society.

If successful, DeSantis’s efforts would permanently limit COVID-19 vaccine requirements, mask school regulations, and bar public and private businesses from considering an applicant’s vaccination status during hiring and firing decisions.

After the rest of the world went crazy, Florida was a haven of rationality, standing forcefully as freedom’s cornerstone, as DeSantis put it. By passing these laws, they will ensure Florida stays this way and create historic safeguards for doctors’ right to freedom of expression.

Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo, U.S. Representative Neal Dunn, and Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis spoke at a news conference in the panhandle alongside DeSantis. Although doctors have reported adverse responses to the vaccination, DeSantis has claimed that people under 40 who get booster doses are more in danger from boosters than from COVID-19.

With the advent of mRNA vaccinations, Florida’s Surgeon General Ladapo stated that this is the first time in history to deploy this technology broadly in humans. He added that it was recommended to be administered to kids, but the technology hasn’t provided evidence that doing so will benefit them. According to DeSantis, “That’s the land of crazy.” Insanity is not tolerated in Florida.

DeSantis has stated that the state will prohibit compelled masking and provide doctors the right to “tell the truth” and “select evidence over the story” as part of its safeguards.

DeSantis laid forth plans that he says will:

  • Adopt a statewide ban on COVID-19 face masks.
  • Stop requiring COVID-19 vaccination. 
  • Stop masking in all schools indefinitely.
  • Prohibit COVID-19 vaccination passports in Florida permanently.
  • Put an end to companies employing or terminating employees depending on whether or not they have received MRNA vaccinations.

The governor said that the following measures would ensure doctors’ right to free speech:

  • Maintain the right of doctors to free expression
  • Do everything they can to safeguard the freedom to disagree with the prevailing view in the medical establishment.
  • Keep doctors’ and nurses’ religious beliefs confidential.

DeSantis wants to make the COVID-19 vaccination and mask safeguards permanent, which will prevent them from expiring on July 1, 2023, along with other rules about the virus passed by the Florida Legislature in 2021.

DeSantis has promised to make these provisions permanent in Florida law during the upcoming legislative session because “we need to lead with this.”

House Democratic Leader Fentrice Driskell scheduled a news conference shortly after DeSantis’ announcement, during which he dubbed Governor DeSantis’ administration the No. 1 dealer of falsehoods from the anti-vax establishment. Driskell pointed out that only one-third of Florida’s nursing home patients are up-to-date on their immunization status, even though DeSantis advocated for the Covid-19 vaccine when it first became available.

Driskell said no one ever claimed 100% protection, but those immunizations do lower the danger of infection, and they improve the chances of a milder illness if you become sick.