Bruce Levenson Aids Future Philanthropists

Is there any more competitive business world than that of Major League Sports? Bruce Levenson is the previous owner of the Atlanta Hawks. Levenson bought into the Hawks over a decade ago with the sole aim of turning them into an Eastern Conference contender. After accomplishing that, Levenson turned his eyes toward something slightly larger and more noble: philanthropy. Levenson decided to use his time after being an NBA owner to focus on bringing the art of philanthropy to the University of Maryland. Let’s take a look at how exactly Levenson accomplished this monumental task. See,

To start things off, Bruce and his wife Karen decide to invest heavily into their new concept: the Do Good Institute. According to PR, the Do Good Institute is an initiative that focuses on utilizing higher education in order to help get new students interested in the field of philanthropy. The goal of the Do Good Institute is to show students the allure, groundwork, and analytics that go on behind becoming the philanthropic leaders of the future. Bruce and Karen Levenson seeded the initiative with $75 million.

With the Do Good Institute launched and the University of Maryland on board, students were immediately introduced to a new course: Philanthropy 101. The class aims to give students a hands on look at what it takes to be successful with philanthropy. The students are given $10,000 and then taught how to utilize that money for causes that they believe in.

As of this writing it seems that former NBA owner Bruce Levenson may have found his calling. Helping to teach the future philanthropists of the world how to be leaders is a huge mission and one that deserves an expert touch.

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