Guilty: Former Philadelphia Officer Pleads to 3rd-Degree Murder in Shooting of Unarmed 12-Year-Old

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – In a shocking turn of events, former Philadelphia Police Officer Edsaul Mendoza pleaded guilty to 3rd-degree murder after shooting an unarmed 12-year-old during a “tactically unsound” foot pursuit back in March 2022. The tragic incident involving Thomas “TJ” Siderio led to a series of serious charges against Mendoza, including first-degree murder, third-degree … Read more

Gunman Shot and Killed by Elizabeth City Police Officer After Refusing to Drop Weapon

Elizabeth City, North Carolina was the scene of a tragic incident where a police officer fatally shot a man who had reportedly refused to drop his gun after shooting another individual. The Elizabeth City Police Department shared details of the sequence of events that unfolded just before 2 a.m. on the 200 block of North … Read more

Memphis Police Officer Fatally Shot in Exchange of Gunfire: Suspects Caught and Officer Dead

Memphis, Tennessee – Two lives were tragically lost in a deadly exchange of gunfire early Friday morning that shook the community. The incident took place in Southwest Memphis, where a Memphis police officer identified as Joseph McKinney and an 18-year-old suspect were killed in the crossfire. Two other officers were injured, with one in non-critical … Read more

Shooting of MPD Officer: 17-Year-Old to be Prosecuted as Adult, Facing Multiple Charges

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Shelby County District Attorney’s Office is seeking to prosecute a 17-year-old as an adult in connection with the fatal shooting of a Memphis Police Department officer. The office has filed a motion to apply adult charges in the case, including 13 counts of Criminal Attempt First Degree Murder, 13 counts of … Read more

LAPD Officer Cleared in Shooting Death of Teen Christmas Shopper

Los Angeles, California – Valentina Orellana Peralta tragically lost her life at the age of 14 while innocently shopping with her mother. The incident occurred during a police-involved shooting in December 2021, when a stray bullet fired by a Los Angeles police officer struck her. In a recent report released by the California Department of … Read more

Friendly Fire Killing: 17-Year-Old Suspect Charged in Fatal Shooting of Memphis Police Officer

Memphis, Tennessee – A 17-year-old suspect faces charges in connection with the shooting of a Memphis police officer, but officials have not pursued a first-degree murder accusation. The district attorney’s office revealed that evidence suggests the officer was fatally shot by friendly fire, prompting a different approach to the case. According to statements from the … Read more

Officer Cleared in Fatal LAPD Shooting Inside North Hollywood Store

Los Angeles, California – The California Attorney General Rob Bonta announced that a Los Angeles Police Department officer will not face criminal charges in connection to the deadly shooting of Valentina Orellana-Peralta, a 14-year-old girl who was killed at a North Hollywood Burlington store in December 2021. Valentina was trying on holiday dresses with her … Read more

Shooting Involving Police Officer Leaves Two Dead in Ferguson, Missouri

Ferguson, Missouri – Early Tuesday morning, a fatal shooting involving a police officer took place in Ferguson, Missouri. St. Louis County police are currently investigating the incident that occurred just before 1:30 a.m. According to a news release, a Ferguson officer was exiting a gas station when he heard gunshots and witnessed a man firing … Read more

Supreme Court Denies Appeal for Black Lives Matter Leader Sued for Violent Attack on Police Officer

Atlanta, Georgia – The Supreme Court recently denied an appeal from a Black Lives Matter leader who was held liable for a violent attack on a police officer. The incident in question involved a clash between protesters and law enforcement during a demonstration in Georgia. The leader of the Black Lives Matter movement, who initiated … Read more

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal from Black Lives Matter Leader Held Liable for Violent Attack on Police Officer

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – The Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from a Black Lives Matter organizer held responsible for a violent incident involving a police officer during a protest he led. The case involved civil rights activist Deray Mckesson, who was sued by an unnamed Baton Rouge police officer identified as “John Doe” … Read more