Violence Erupts with Stabbing in Times Square Resulting in 18 Wanted Suspects

New York City – A night of violence unfolded in Times Square on Thursday, with police investigating two separate attacks, including a stabbing that left a 17-year-old hospitalized. The NYPD is seeking 18 individuals in connection with the incidents, including a stabbing incident involving the teenager. Authorities disclosed that there was a dispute preceding the … Read more

Violent Times Square Attacks Leave Teenager and Man Injured by Group of Migrants and Local Suspects

Times Square, Manhattan experienced two violent attacks within hours of each other, leaving a teenager and a 28-year-old man injured. The first incident occurred at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday when a 17-year-old was chased by a group of individuals and stabbed near a migrant shelter on 42nd Street near 8th Avenue. The teen sustained a … Read more

Violence Erupts in Times Square: Teen Stabbed, 18 Suspects Sought by NYPD

New York City – The NYPD is seeking 18 individuals connected to two separate incidents that occurred in Times Square on Thursday night. One of the incidents involved a stabbing that left a 17-year-old hospitalized. The police believe that these incidents are unrelated, despite an argument preceding both events. The teenage victim was stabbed in … Read more

Times Square Teen Stabbing Attack Caught on Video: 20+ Attackers Sought

New York City, New York – A disturbing video footage captured a vicious attack on a teenager in Times Square by a group of nearly two dozen individuals, leaving the victim injured and hospitalized. The 17-year-old was visiting the popular tourist spot with his friends when a group of strangers began harassing them, escalating into … Read more

Trans Teenager Stabbed 14 Times in Shocking London Attack; Suspect Charged with Attempted Murder

London, England – A trans teenager was stabbed 14 times in a shocking and violent attack in Wealdstone, northwest London. An 18-year-old trans woman was rushed to the hospital after the attack on Masons Avenue. Summer Betts-Ramsey, 19, has been charged with attempted murder and possession of an offensive weapon in public. The victim had … Read more

Teenager Stabbed 14 Times in Violent North London Attack – 4 Arrested

London, UK – A shocking and violent attack against a transgender teenager in North London has left the community in disbelief. The 18-year-old was stabbed 14 times at Harrow Leisure Centre on Saturday, February 10, and was subjected to slurs during the attack. According to police, the victim has since been discharged from the hospital. … Read more

Transgender Teen Stabbed 14 Times at London Birthday Party: Four Arrested

London, UK – An 18-year-old transgender girl was brutally stabbed 14 times at a birthday party in London over the weekend. The victim, who has chosen to remain unidentified, was attending the party when a group of people began hurling transphobic slurs at her. According to reports, the attacker then proceeded to repeatedly stab the … Read more

Supernatural: Here’s How Many Times Dean Winchester Died in the Popular Series

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – “Supernatural,” the long-running TV show, has a character named Dean who has a habit of dying and coming back to life. The character, portrayed by actor Jensen Ackles, has reportedly died a total of 111 times throughout the series. This frequent demise and resurrection of the character has become a well-known … Read more

Trans Teenage Girl Stabbed 14 Times at London Rollerskating Party, Alleged Attempted Murder Suspects Charged

LONDON, UK – A teenager in London has been charged with attempted murder after a trans teenage girl was stabbed multiple times in a “shocking and violent attack,” a court has heard. The 18-year-old victim was allegedly attacked at a rollerskating party in Wealdstone, accompanied by friends, and verbally abused with transphobic slurs. The Metropolitan … Read more

Trans Teen Stabbed 14 Times in Shocking Attack at London Leisure Center

LONDON, UK – A violent attack on a transgender teenager at a leisure centre in north London has shocked the community. The 18-year-old victim was subjected to repeated stabbing and slurs by a group of assailants over the weekend, but has since been discharged from the hospital, as reported by authorities. According to The Standard, … Read more