Trans School Shooter’s Notepad Exposes Disturbing Motives Behind Deadly Attack

A transgender student in Texas revealed disturbing beliefs in their personal notepad that allegedly fueled a tragic school shooting. The individual’s notes shed light on the motivations behind the deadly attack, sending shockwaves through the community. Authorities uncovered the notepad containing alarming content, including hatred towards specific groups and individuals. These revelations have prompted deep … Read more

Architect Rex Heuermann’s Disturbing Murder “Blueprint” Document Unveiled in Long Island Killings Case

Central Islip, New York – A shocking plan was uncovered by investigators in the case of the Gilgo Beach killings suspect, Rex Heuermann, revealing a meticulously detailed “planning document” outlining the selection, killing, and disposal of victims. The document, found on a hard drive in Heuermann’s home, highlighted the steps to avoid detection and remove … Read more

Student at Mangakōtukutuku College Attacked in Disturbing Video Incident

The city of Wellington, New Zealand, is shocked by another violent incident at Mangakōtukutuku College captured on video. The footage shows a student being attacked by another individual on the school grounds, raising concerns about safety and security in educational institutions. This latest incident comes amidst a wave of similar attacks in schools across the … Read more

Violence Soars: Eight Women Killed in 2024 as Domestic Violence Rates Nearly Double in Disturbing Trend

Tel Aviv, Israel – Domestic violence rates in Israel have nearly doubled since October 7th, with eight women tragically losing their lives to such incidents in 2024. This alarming increase in violence has sparked widespread concern and calls for action from advocacy groups and government officials alike. According to recent data, the surge in domestic … Read more

Disturbing Attack on Sheriff’s Cruiser in Highland Captured on Video – Authorities React

Highland, California – A recent incident involving an attack on a sheriff’s cruiser in Highland has sparked concern among local authorities. The disturbing nature of the attack has led to discussions about law enforcement strategies in handling such violent situations. In response to the incident, a spokesperson from the sheriff’s department highlighted the deputy’s decision … Read more

Violence Prevention: TeachKind Urges Humane Education After Disturbing Incidents in El Paso Schools

El Paso, Texas – TeachKind, a division of PETA focused on humane education, has taken action in response to disturbing incidents involving students at local schools. Following reports of a young person beating a dog while others watched and recorded the attack, alongside a separate incident where a student threw a teacher to the ground, … Read more

Diddy Domestic Abuse Video: LA County DA Refuses Prosecution Despite Disturbing Evidence

Los Angeles, California – The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office has come under scrutiny for its decision not to prosecute Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs despite the emergence of an “extremely disturbing” video showing him allegedly abusing his former partner, Cassie Ventura. The video, which has sparked outrage, shows a violent altercation between Combs and Ventura, … Read more

Disturbing Video Captures Daylight Murder in Houston as Suspect Kisses Victim Before Stabbing Him Nine Times

Houston, Texas – A shocking video obtained by local station KTRK captured the brutal murder of 64-year-old Steven Anderson in broad daylight on a Texas street. The disturbing footage shows Anderson being struck by a car driven by 20-year-old Karon Fisher, who has been charged with the murder and is being held on a $2 … Read more

Disturbing Daylight Murder Caught on Camera in Houston

Houston, Texas – A shocking video obtained by KTRK, our affiliate station in Houston, captures the brutal murder of Steven Anderson in broad daylight on May 3. The disturbing footage shows 20-year-old Karon Fisher running Anderson over with a car while he was innocently walking down a Texas street to pick up his mail. In … Read more

Disturbing Video Captures Broad Daylight Murder in Houston

Houston, Texas – A shocking video obtained by our local affiliate KTRK unveils the gruesome murder of Steven Anderson in broad daylight. The disturbing incident took place on a Texas street as Anderson was simply walking to pick up his mail. The suspect, 20-year-old Karon Fisher, ran over Anderson with a car, causing chaos and … Read more