Dissuade: Russian Think Tank Suggests “Demonstrative” Nuclear Explosion to Deter Western Aggression

Moscow, Russia – Amid rising tensions between Russia and Western countries over the conflict in Ukraine, a senior member of a Russian think tank has proposed a controversial idea to use a “demonstrative” nuclear explosion as a warning to the West. Dmitry Suslov, a member of the Moscow-based Council for Foreign and Defence Policy, suggested … Read more

Explosive Footage: Deadly Russian Strike Caught on Camera Inside Kharkiv Store

Kharkiv, Ukraine – The shocking aftermath of a deadly Russian strike on a hardware store in Kharkiv was captured in a video released by the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine. The footage provides a harrowing glimpse into the destruction caused by the attack, highlighting the devastating impact of the ongoing conflict in the region. In … Read more

Strikes: Multiple Deaths in Russian Attack on Kharkiv Revealed

Kharkiv, Ukraine – Several lives were tragically lost in the aftermath of Russian airstrikes in the city of Kharkiv. The strikes, which occurred on Thursday, resulted in significant destruction and loss of life. The situation in Kharkiv remains tense as residents grapple with the aftermath of the devastating attacks. Reports indicate that the Russian strikes … Read more

Civilian Deaths in Mali Blamed on Army and Russian Paramilitary Group

Bamako, Mali – Rebel groups in Mali have recently accused the national army and the Wagner Group, a Russian paramilitary organization, of targeting and killing civilians during their operations. The Permanent Strategic Framework for the Defense of the People of Azawad (CSP-DPA), a coalition of armed Tuareg rebel groups, claimed that these forces were responsible … Read more

Russian Military Shells Sumy Oblast Border Communities 44 Times Without Causing Injuries

Sumy Oblast, Ukraine – The Russian military has reportedly launched a series of attacks on the border communities of Sumy oblast, striking a total of 44 times during the day. Fortunately, preliminary data suggests that there were no injuries resulting from these attacks. The Sumy Regional Military Administration shared details of the attacks on social … Read more

Drone Warfare Intensifies on Ukrainian Battlefield: Russian Soldier Fends Off Attack with Gasoline Bottle

In Kyiv, Ukraine, a video circulating on social media captures the intense battle between Ukrainian forces and Russian soldiers using first-person view drones. These FPV drones have become a significant threat on the battlefield, with reports of drones dropping explosives or being used as kamikaze drones on the frontline. The video, released by the Prytula … Read more

Explosion Rocks Russian Ammunition Depot in Sorokine, Luhansk Region: Governor Lisokhor Reports on Incident

Sorokine, a town in the Luhansk region near Russia’s border and approximately 130 kilometers from the frontline, experienced a significant explosion at a Russian ammunition depot on May 13. Governor Artem Lisokhor reported this incident, which was documented by videos showing towering plumes of smoke billowing over Sorokine following the blasts. The Moscow-appointed regional head, … Read more

Drone Strike Sparks Blaze at Russian Oil Refinery amid Ukraine Conflict

Lviv, Ukraine – A recent drone strike in Ukraine has resulted in a fire at a Russian oil refinery, further escalating tensions in the region. The incident, which occurred in Donetsk, has raised concerns about the impact of the ongoing conflict on critical infrastructure. The drone strike targeted the oil refinery, leading to a significant … Read more

Explosions in Donetsk: Russian Air Defence Deployed before HIMARS Strike

Donetsk, Ukraine – Explosions rang out in the city of occupied Donetsk on May 11, startling residents who reported hearing the sounds of Russian air defense systems before the blasts. According to sources, the Russians immediately pointed the blame at Ukraine, alleging a missile strike from the HIMARS system in the Leninskyi district of Donetsk … Read more

Ukraine Energy Minister Warns Citizens to Prepare for Potential Power Outages Amid Ongoing Russian Attacks

Kyiv, Ukraine – Ukraine’s Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko reassured the public on April 12th that the country’s energy system remains stable despite ongoing attacks on energy infrastructure by Russia. However, he urged citizens to prepare for potential power outages in the coming months. Halushchenko’s warning comes as tensions escalate in the region, with Russia continuing … Read more