Execution: Alabama Inmate Put to Death After 23 Years

Atmore, Alabama – Keith Edmund Gavin, 64, was executed by chemical injection on Thursday evening in Alabama for the fatal shooting of courier service driver William Clayton Jr. during a robbery attempt in 1998. The execution took place at the William C. Holman Correctional Facility in southwest Alabama, where Gavin was pronounced dead at 6:32 … Read more

Chicago Police Charge Suspect in 3-Year-Old’s Shooting Death Two Years Later

Chicago, Illinois – A significant breakthrough has been made in the case of the tragic shooting of a 3-year-old boy in West Lawn nearly two years ago. Chicago police announced the arrest and charging of Govanni Hernandez, 32, of Berwyn, for the murder of Mateo Zastro in September 2022. This devastating incident was believed to … Read more

216 Black Sailors Exonerated by US Navy 80 Years After Port Chicago Explosion

Port Chicago, California – The US Navy has officially exonerated 256 black sailors who were wrongly convicted of mutiny and disobeying orders after a deadly explosion at the Port Chicago naval base around 80 years ago. This explosion, the deadliest disaster on US soil during World War II, resulted in the tragic loss of 320 … Read more

Explosion Anniversary: Remembering N&W Railyard Tragedy 50 Years Later

Decatur, Illinois – It’s been 50 years since the tragic N&W Railyard Explosion rocked Decatur on July 19, 1974. The incident, which garnered national attention, resulted in extensive damage, casualties, and lasting memories for many in the area. A recent reprint of an article by Laura Voyles shed light on the details of the explosion … Read more

Temple University Student Murderer Sentenced to 25-50 Years in Prison for 2021 Killing

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania- A 19-year-old man has been sentenced for the murder of a 21-year-old Temple University student in 2021. The judge handed down a 25 to 50-year prison term to Latif Williams for the killing of Samuel Collington. The sentence also included a separate carjacking incident that occurred just ten days before Collington’s tragic death. … Read more

Perth Man Jailed for 15 Years for “Brutal” Attack on Partner

Perth, Australia – A man from Perth, Australia, with a history of family violence has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for a vicious and prolonged attack on his partner. Daniel William Huish, 33, was convicted of attempting to murder his partner, who was in her 20s, in their Burswood apartment in November 2021. … Read more

Arrest Made in Phoenix Cold Case Murder After 20 Years

Phoenix, Arizona – Authorities in Phoenix, Arizona have apprehended a suspect on murder charges precisely two decades after the tragic death of a 15-year-old girl. Sergio Reyes, 37, was identified as the suspect in 2014, a decade after the murder occurred. At that time, he was residing in Mexico. Following intense efforts by investigators and … Read more

Long Beach Gang Member Sentenced to 28 Years to Life for Shooting Innocent Bystander

Long Beach, California – Jacquise Wright, 34, was sentenced to 28 years to life in state prison for the gang-related death of innocent bystander Alejandra Martinez in Long Beach. The shooting occurred on December 4, 2020, leading to Wright’s conviction of first-degree murder, along with other charges like attempted murder and assault with a firearm. … Read more

Legacy: Bangor Community Honors Charlie Howard 40 Years After Tragic Death

BANGOR, MAINE – The community of Bangor, Maine, recently came together to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the tragic death of Charlie Howard, a resident whose life was cut short in an act of hate and violence. In the summer of 1984, Charlie Howard and his boyfriend were walking along a main road in town … Read more

Daughter Pleads Guilty to Murders of Elderly Parents Found Dead After Years of Deception

Chelmsford, England – An elderly couple in their 70s went missing for years without anyone suspecting foul play until an investigation in 2023 revealed a dark secret. Their daughter, Virginia McCullough of the United Kingdom, recently confessed to the murders of her parents, John and Lois McCullough, in 2019. The shocking revelation came after doctors … Read more