Border Guard Injured by Landmine Explosion Near Voskepar Village Church

YEREVAN, Armenia – A border guard in Armenia was injured after a landmine exploded in an area near the Voskepar village church. The incident occurred on Wednesday, causing concern for the safety of residents in the region. The injured border guard was immediately transported to a nearby medical facility for treatment. Authorities are investigating the … Read more

Explosion of Dormant Landmine Leaves Individual Injured in Border Area of Kermanshah, Iran

In Kermanshah province, Iran, an individual was recently injured by the explosion of a long-forgotten landmine dating back to the Iran-Iraq war. This incident is part of a concerning trend in the region, where several Kurdish individuals have lost their lives or been injured due to landmine explosions in cities like Qasr-e Shirin, Piranshahr, and … Read more

Explosion Targets Vehicle Near Lebanon Border in Syria’s Mezze District

Beirut, Lebanon – A car explosion in the Mezze district of Damascus, Syria, resulted in the death of one individual, as reported by Syrian news agency SANA. The victim’s identity remains unknown, but the explosion occurred in an area known for its Iranian consulate, which was destroyed in a recent Israeli strike. Rami Abdurrahman, from … Read more

Russian Military Shells Sumy Oblast Border Communities 44 Times Without Causing Injuries

Sumy Oblast, Ukraine – The Russian military has reportedly launched a series of attacks on the border communities of Sumy oblast, striking a total of 44 times during the day. Fortunately, preliminary data suggests that there were no injuries resulting from these attacks. The Sumy Regional Military Administration shared details of the attacks on social … Read more

Border Blast Injures Four IDF Soldiers Near Lebanese Border

Nahariya, Israel – Four soldiers from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) were injured by an explosion near the Lebanese border, highlighting the ongoing tensions in the region. The IDF is currently investigating the cause of the explosion, with initial assessments pointing towards a possible landmine or improvised explosive device. Despite the incident, there have been … Read more

Explosion on Northern Border Leaves 4 IDF Soldiers Injured

Four IDF soldiers were wounded in an explosion that occurred on the northern border. The incident has raised concerns about security in the region. The soldiers were injured while on duty in a volatile area, where tensions have been escalating. They were immediately evacuated for medical treatment. The circumstances surrounding the explosion are still under … Read more

Myanmar’s Urban Crisis: Thailand Urges Restraint Amid Border Trading Town Tensions

Mae Sot, Thailand – Tensions are high as Myanmar’s military authorities face the loss of an important border trading town to their opponents. The town of Myawaddy, located across the river from Mae Sot in Thailand, fell to the guerrillas of the ethnic Karen National Union and their allies, the pro-democracy People’s Defense Forces. Amidst … Read more

Myanmar’s Military Urged to Exercise Restraint After Loss of Border Town, Thailand Offers Mediation and Peace Talks

MAE SOT, Thailand – Amid recent turmoil in Myanmar, Thailand’s foreign minister emphasized the importance of peace and dialogue with Myanmar’s military authorities. This comes after the loss of a key border trading town to opposing forces, sparking concerns of potential retaliatory violence. The town of Myawaddy, located near Mae Sot in Thailand, fell to … Read more

Border Conflict in Myanmar Escalates as Guerrillas Threaten Thai Border Trading Town

MAE SOT, Thailand – The Thai foreign minister expressed concern on Friday over Myanmar’s military response to losing an important border trading town. Parnpree Bahiddha-Nukara emphasized the need for restraint from the military authorities in Myanmar. The loss of control of the town to ethnic guerrillas raised tensions in the region. The swift departure of … Read more

Border Hub Chaos: Myanmar Residents Flee to Thailand Amid Explosions and Gunfire

Residents of Myawaddy, Myanmar fled to neighboring Thailand on Tuesday as explosions and gunfire echoed in the trade hub. The exodus followed the seizure of a key military base by the Karen National Union (KNU), an ethnic minority armed group. The KNU claimed to have taken control of the military base located 10 kilometers west … Read more