WARNING: Unsafe Electric Heaters Sold on TikTok and Temu Pose Fire and Shock Hazards, Consumer Group Which? Finds

London, United Kingdom – Consumer group Which? has issued a warning about the sale of potentially dangerous electric heaters on popular social media platforms, TikTok and Temu. According to the watchdog, tests conducted on eight different heaters purchased from these platforms revealed alarming safety hazards. Some of the issues found included the risk of explosion, … Read more

Dangerous Electric Heaters Sold on TikTok and Temu Pose Fire and Shock Risks, Warns Which?

LONDON, UK – Consumers in the UK are being warned of the potential dangers posed by electric heaters being sold on popular social media platforms. Watchdog group Which? has conducted tests and discovered that many of these heaters are electrically unsafe and pose serious risks to consumers. The group purchased and tested eight electric heaters … Read more

Infamous Murder Resurfaces: Daughter of Slain Detroit Stripper Accuses Former Mayor of Foul Play in Viral TikTok

DETROIT, Michigan – A viral TikTok video created by the daughter of a deceased Detroit stripper is reigniting interest in one of the city’s most notorious unsolved murders. Ashly Jackson, the daughter of Tamara Greene, posted a video detailing her beliefs about the circumstances surrounding her mother’s death, which has gained nearly four million views … Read more

Florida Man Arrested for TikTok Deer Cruelty – Sparks Outrage and Raises Social Media Concerns

A 27-year-old Florida resident, Clay Kinney, has been arrested by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office for committing an atrocious act of animal cruelty and filming it for TikTok. Kinney’s disturbing video depicted him attempting to run over a group of five deer with his car, resulting in the fatal injury of one of the animals. … Read more

Man’s Disturbing TikTok Post Lands Him in Jail

GENEVA, Fla. – A Florida man was arrested and accused of animal cruelty for allegedly running over a deer with his car and posting the video on TikTok. The suspect, identified as Clay Kinney, 27, is facing multiple charges, including six counts of animal cruelty. The deputies charged him with five counts of animal cruelty … Read more

TikTok Donates 150K To Get Liberal Democrats Like AOC And Bowman To Defend Them

ByteDance, the parent company of social media platform TikTok, gave $150,000 to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus in December, just before Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., abruptly chose to back the media behemoth. TikTok has been accused of spying on users and gathering data for China.