Instagram Live Attack: Homeless Man Brutally Assaulted by Group of Teens in Shocking Video

A homeless man in Manhattan, New York, fell victim to a brutal attack by a group of teenagers. The disturbing incident was livestreamed on Instagram, showing the man being savagely beaten. The video circulated on social media, sparking outrage among viewers. The man was identified as a vulnerable individual who was defenseless against the group … Read more

Explosive Criminal Charges Filed Against TPC Group for Clean Air Act Violations

Port Neches, Texas – The Justice Department and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have taken legal action against TPC Group LLC, a Texas petrochemical company, in connection to a 2019 plant explosion that caused extensive damage and disruptions in the community. The incident, which resulted in evacuations and significant air pollution, prompted the filing of a … Read more

Rebel Groups Accuse Mali’s Army and Wagner Group of Killing Civilians

Bamako, Mali – Rebel groups in Mali have accused the national army and the Wagner Group, a Russian paramilitary organization, of targeting civilians in recent military operations. The CSP-DPA, a coalition of armed Tuareg rebel factions, alleged that these forces conducted attacks in the northern region of the country, resulting in a significant number of … Read more

Civilian Deaths in Mali Blamed on Army and Russian Paramilitary Group

Bamako, Mali – Rebel groups in Mali have recently accused the national army and the Wagner Group, a Russian paramilitary organization, of targeting and killing civilians during their operations. The Permanent Strategic Framework for the Defense of the People of Azawad (CSP-DPA), a coalition of armed Tuareg rebel groups, claimed that these forces were responsible … Read more

Boy Severely Injured in Watts Area Attack by Group of Suspects

Los Angeles Police are currently on the lookout for a group of suspects involved in a violent incident that left a 15-year-old boy severely injured in Watts, South Los Angeles. The incident occurred late Tuesday night in the parking lot of a Habit and Panda Express near Century Boulevard and South Alameda Street. Responding to … Read more

Civil Rights Group Urges UC President to Investigate Pro-Israel Mob Attack for Violations of Rights

Los Angeles, CA – The Council on American-Islamic Relations in Los Angeles has called on the University of California President to launch an investigation into a pro-Israel mob attack that took place on campus. The incident has sparked concerns over potential civil rights violations and safety issues. The Council on American-Islamic Relations asserts that it … Read more

Terrorist Group Claims Responsibility for Murder of Jewish Businessman in Egypt as Retaliation for Israeli Actions in Gaza

Alexandria, Egypt – A newly emerged terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the murder of a Jewish businessman with multiple citizenships in a statement released on Tuesday. The group, known as the Vanguard of Liberation Group for Martyr Mohamed Salah, alleged that the assassination was carried out in retaliation for Israeli military actions in Gaza … Read more

Explosion in Yemen Kills 6 Troops Supporting Secessionist Group

Sanaa, Yemen – An explosion believed to be linked to al-Qaeda resulted in the deaths of six soldiers aligned with a secessionist group in southern Yemen. The blast occurred in the province of Abyan, highlighting the ongoing unrest and violence in the region. The attack targeted troops associated with the Southern Transitional Council, a group … Read more

Petrol Station Worker Brutally Attacked by Group of Thugs Captured on Snapchat in Stockport Horrific Incident

Stockport, England – A disturbing Snapchat video surfaced, capturing the brutal assault on a shop worker by a group of hooded assailants. The footage, shared on social media, shows the defenseless staff member being attacked and robbed at a petrol station on Wellington Road South in Stockport during the early hours of July 29, 2021. … Read more

Misfit Group Charged with Kidnapping and Murder of Southwest Kansas Women

ELKHART, OKLAHOMA – A small antigovernment group in Oklahoma, known as “God’s Misfits,” has been thrust into the spotlight after four of its members were charged with the kidnapping and murder of two women from southwest Kansas. Veronica Butler and Jilian Kelley went missing on their way to a custody exchange in March, a trip … Read more