Man’s Disturbing TikTok Post Lands Him in Jail

GENEVA, Fla. – A Florida man was arrested and accused of animal cruelty for allegedly running over a deer with his car and posting the video on TikTok. The suspect, identified as Clay Kinney, 27, is facing multiple charges, including six counts of animal cruelty. The deputies charged him with five counts of animal cruelty for driving his truck at the deer with the intent of striking them with it and one count of animal cruelty for the deer deputies say he did hit.

The incident came to light after a Seminole County Sheriff’s Office detective launched an investigation following the viral TikTok video. On December 28, the detective spotted Kinney driving a Blue Chevy Tahoe in the Geneva area and conducted a traffic stop. During the stop, Kinney admitted that his driver’s license had been suspended.

When questioned about the TikTok video, Kinney confessed to intentionally running over a deer with his vehicle, as revealed in the arrest records. Although he allegedly attempted to target five deer, he only succeeded in striking one.

This is not the first encounter Kinney had with law enforcement involving wildlife. Last year, he was involved in a car crash on Snow Hill Road in Geneva, during which he was found with a fawn in his possession. Kinney claimed that he had found the animal after parking his truck on the side of the road and had intended to release it on his property. However, law enforcement officers pointed out that the Little Big Econ State Forest spanned both sides of the road, casting doubt on Kinney’s story.

As a result, Kinney was arrested for possessing a fawn during the closed hunting season but was later released on bond. Authorities have not provided further details about the incident at this time.

The arrest highlights the growing concern over the mistreatment of animals and the potential consequences individuals may face for such actions. Cases like these often gain attention due to the power of social media platforms like TikTok in capturing and sharing such behavior.

Law enforcement agencies continue to urge citizens to report any instances of animal cruelty, emphasizing the importance of preserving and protecting wildlife. The legal repercussions for such acts can include fines, jail time, and restrictions on owning or possessing animals.