Tourist Murder Mystery Unraveled: Blue Car Pulled Out of Bayou St. John Connected to Killing in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, LA – New details have emerged in the investigation of the murder of a tourist in New Orleans during the beginning of Carnival Season. 32-year-old Jacob Carter was shot and killed at the intersection of Bourbon and Kerlerec last Friday morning. Neighbors believe that a blue car found in Bayou St. John on … Read more

Guam Getaway Driver Explains Crime Motive – Shot Fired in Fatal Tourist Robbery

Hagåtña, Guam – After a failed gambling spree, two men decided to rob a tourist, resulting in the death of a South Korean visitor on the island of Guam. The accused getaway driver, Stefan Keanu Camacho, 26, revealed to police that the crime was motivated by a $100 loss at a gambling establishment. According to … Read more