Viral Video Shows Alleged Burnsville Shooter Shannon Cortez Gooden Practicing Target Shooting

Burnsville, Minnesota – A video of Shannon Cortez Gooden, the alleged shooter in Burnsville, Minnesota, doing target practice has gained attention after going viral on Twitter. The video has raised concerns and sparked conversations about gun safety and regulations. In the video, Gooden is shown firing a gun at a shooting range while being filmed … Read more

Disturbing Pen Girl Incident in Brazil Goes Viral Once Again on Reddit: Video Causes Shock and Outrage

Teenagers presenting a project in a classroom turned terrifying when one of the presenters stabbed a girl multiple times in the eye and neck with a pen. The incident, known as the ‘Pen Girl Incident,’ resurfaced after a video was uploaded to the Reddit forum r/PublicFreakout nine months ago. The shocking video gained attention on … Read more

Infamous Murder Resurfaces: Daughter of Slain Detroit Stripper Accuses Former Mayor of Foul Play in Viral TikTok

DETROIT, Michigan – A viral TikTok video created by the daughter of a deceased Detroit stripper is reigniting interest in one of the city’s most notorious unsolved murders. Ashly Jackson, the daughter of Tamara Greene, posted a video detailing her beliefs about the circumstances surrounding her mother’s death, which has gained nearly four million views … Read more