Hate Crime: Chinese American Attacked Outside Chicago Grocery Store, Calls for Justice

Chicago, Illinois – A brutal attack on Kevin Qin, a Chinese American man, outside a grocery store in Chicago’s South Loop has sparked outrage and demands for justice. Qin, a 41-year-old, was surrounded by a group of seven to ten men who proceeded to kick and punch him while making derogatory remarks. According to Qin, … Read more

Attack at Fresno Music Festival Leads to Charges, No Hate Crime Charges for Suspect

FRESNO, Calif. – A man accused of a violent assault on Pro-Palestinian supporters at a Fresno music festival has been charged, although the charges do not include a hate crime designation. Francisco Samaniego allegedly attacked three women during the ‘Porch Fest’ event in the Tower District on April 27th. Video footage captured the brutal altercation … Read more

Man Suspected of Violent Attack at Fresno ‘Porchfest’ Charged, Not for Hate Crime

FRESNO, Calif. – A man accused of assaulting Pro-Palestinian supporters at a Fresno music festival is facing charges, but authorities have not pursued hate crime charges in the case. Francisco Samaniego allegedly attacked three women at the Tower District’s ‘Porch Fest’ event on April 27th. The violent confrontation, captured on video, involved punches being thrown … Read more

Hate Crime Coalition Demands Justice on Anniversary of Fatal Shooting

Dallas, Texas – Advocacy organizations marked the one-year anniversary of a tragic shooting that took the lives of eight individuals and left seven others wounded by urging state officials to classify the incident as a hate crime. The coalition of advocacy groups behind the joint statement believe that labeling the shooting as a hate crime … Read more

Assaulted Homeless Man Arrested for Felony Battery and Hate Crime in Folsom

Folsom, California – A homeless man in Folsom was arrested this week on felony battery and hate crime charges after allegedly assaulting a Black woman in Historic Folsom. Initially apprehended for a misdemeanor, the man was released due to California law restrictions. However, a subsequent investigation revealed the victim had suffered a broken left cheekbone … Read more

Thessaloniki LGBTQ+ Allies Unite Against Hate in Massive Demonstration

Thessaloniki, Greece: Thousands of LGBTQ+ individuals and their supporters took to the streets of Thessaloniki in northern Greece following a violent attack on two transgender people over the weekend. The demonstrators gathered in Aristotelous Square, the site of the attack, on Sunday evening before marching through the city streets. They chanted slogans, waved Pride flags, … Read more

Defiant Greeks Rally Against Hate After Violent Attack on Trans Community

ATHENS, GREECE – In response to a recent violent attack on transgender individuals in the city, thousands of Greeks gathered in a powerful display of defiance against hate. The incident has sparked outrage and brought attention to the ongoing struggles faced by the LGBTQ+ community in Greece. The attack, which targeted transgender people in a … Read more

Florida Man Arrested for Murder of Gay Man at Tampa Dog Park Due to Hate Crime Targeting

Tampa, Florida – A Florida man, Gerald Declan Radford, 65, has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of John Walter Lay, 52, at a Tampa dog park. The Hillsborough State Attorney’s Office announced that the victim was targeted because of his sexual orientation. Radford was arrested five weeks after the fatal shooting, as … Read more

Hate Crime Attack Leaves Hawthorne Teen in Critical Condition and Community in Shock

Los Angeles, California – On a tranquil evening at Dockweiler State Beach, the golden glow of the setting sun was shattered by a vicious attack that left the local community reeling. A 16-year-old boy from Hawthorne became the victim of a brutal assault by a group of teenagers, enduring a barrage of beatings, kicks, and … Read more

Teen 16 Violently Assaulted and Stabbed by Group of Teens at L.A. Beach: Shocking Hate Crime Video Surfaces

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – A 16-year-old boy is currently recovering from a brutal assault that took place at Dockweiler State Beach earlier this month. The incident involved a group of teens who reportedly beat, kicked, and stabbed the victim multiple times before robbing him. The violent attack, captured on video, shows the victim being repeatedly … Read more