Magistrate’s Razor Blade Murder-Suicide: Prosecutor Debunks Hate Crime Theory

Aguascalientes, Mexico – The lead prosecutor in the investigation of the killing of Jesús Ociel Baena, Mexico’s first nonbinary magistrate, has ruled that the motive was not a hate crime, but rather a brutal murder-suicide. According to the prosecutor, it was perpetrated by Baena’s lawyer and model boyfriend, Dorian Herrera.

This ruling came after the bloodied bodies of Baena, 38, and Herrera, 37, were discovered earlier this month at their home in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Baena, a prominent figure in the LGBTQ+ community, had received multiple death threats and was under special security protection. The community initially suspected a hate crime, but according to the state prosecutor, all evidence at the scene, including the wounds on the bodies, pointed to a murder-suicide at the hands of Herrera.

The prosecutor detailed the sequence of events, stating that a fight erupted in the couple’s bedroom, where Herrera attacked Baena with a blade, leading to a struggle that ended with Baena’s fatal wounds. Herrera then proceeded to kill himself with a self-inflicted wound. Investigators also reviewed video surveillance footage and found no evidence of anyone else entering the residence.

The LGBTQ+ community responded with skepticism to the prosecutor’s ruling, with some members calling for a federal investigation due to doubts about the accuracy of the state prosecutor’s version of events. Nevertheless, Baena’s father, Juan Baena, also disagreed with the prosecutor’s assertions and called for a thorough and correct judgment in the case.

Baena was a trailblazer in the LGBTQ+ community, being the first to receive a nonbinary designation on their birth certificate and a gender-neutral magistrate title in Mexico. On the other hand, little is known about Herrera, who was a one-time model and lawyer.

Securing a comprehensive judgment that aligns with all aspects of the case remains a priority for the investigators. The investigation is ongoing, and authorities are committed to following the evidence to its conclusion.