Walmart Parking Lot Tragedy: Suspects Arrested in Frisco Shooting that Killed Man and Injured Army Veteran

Frisco, Texas – Frisco police have apprehended two suspects in connection with a fatal shooting that occurred in a Walmart parking lot. The incident took place on November 15, 2023, resulting in the death of Dung Doan, 62, and the injury of Zachary Lowe, a 20-year-old Army veteran. The suspects, Jhirrell Harris and Stephanie Gayden, … Read more

Grenade Explosion During Army Training Leaves One in Cardiac Arrest and Another Wounded

Sejong City, South Korea – In a tragic incident at the Army’s 32nd Infantry Division in Sejong City, South Korea, one person suffered cardiac arrest while another was wounded due to an accidental grenade explosion during a training session on Tuesday morning. According to officials, the explosion took place around 10 a.m. and quickly drew … Read more

Rebel Groups Accuse Mali’s Army and Wagner Group of Killing Civilians

Bamako, Mali – Rebel groups in Mali have accused the national army and the Wagner Group, a Russian paramilitary organization, of targeting civilians in recent military operations. The CSP-DPA, a coalition of armed Tuareg rebel factions, alleged that these forces conducted attacks in the northern region of the country, resulting in a significant number of … Read more

Civilian Deaths in Mali Blamed on Army and Russian Paramilitary Group

Bamako, Mali – Rebel groups in Mali have recently accused the national army and the Wagner Group, a Russian paramilitary organization, of targeting and killing civilians during their operations. The Permanent Strategic Framework for the Defense of the People of Azawad (CSP-DPA), a coalition of armed Tuareg rebel groups, claimed that these forces were responsible … Read more

“Pardon” — Former Army Sergeant Who Killed Black Lives Matter Protester Freed by Texas Governor

Austin, Texas – Former Army Sergeant Daniel Perry, who was convicted of killing a Black Lives Matter protester in downtown Austin in 2020, was released from prison within an hour of Texas Governor Greg Abbott signing a pardon proclamation on Thursday. The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles recommended Perry be pardoned on the murder … Read more

Brain-Injured Army Reservist’s Family Reveals Tragic Mass Shooting Motive

Lewiston, Maine – The family of an Army reservist responsible for a mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine, last October testified before a state investigative committee, shedding light on the impact of severe traumatic brain injury on his actions. Robert Card, the 40-year-old shooter, who took the lives of 18 people before turning the gun on … Read more

Pardon Granted: Texas Governor Frees Former Army Sergeant Jailed for Protester Shooting

Austin, Texas – Former US Army sergeant Daniel Perry, who was convicted of fatally shooting Black Lives Matter protester Garrett Foster in 2020, has received a full pardon from Governor Greg Abbott. Perry, serving a 25-year sentence for the shooting, claimed self-defense under Texas’ “Stand Your Ground” law, a law Abbott cited in his decision … Read more

Iraqi Army Checkpoint Attack Leaves Six Soldiers Dead and More Wounded

Baghdad, Iraq – A recent terrorist attack on an Iraqi army checkpoint has left a tragic toll on the soldiers stationed between Diyala and Saladin Governorates. According to a security source, the assault resulted in more casualties, with one of the eight wounded individuals succumbing to their injuries. The death toll now stands at six, … Read more

Bridge Blast: Army Destroys Collapsed Section in Baltimore’s Emergency Operation

Baltimore, Maryland – A controlled explosion was conducted by the army to demolish a collapsed section of the Baltimore bridge. The incident took place following a major collapse that resulted in a large section of the bridge falling into the water below. Authorities overseeing the operation explained that the controlled explosion was necessary to ensure … Read more

Sentenced: Army Ranger Beats Security Guard to Death in Tacoma Courtroom Drama

Tacoma, Washington – In a Pierce County courtroom, the family of Denise Smith gathered to witness the sentencing of the man responsible for her tragic death. 41-year-old Denise Smith, a security guard at a downtown building along Ninth Street, was brutally beaten to death in 2021 by 29-year-old Army Ranger Spc. Patrick Philip Byrne. Byrne … Read more