Murder Charge Filed in Fatal Shooting Following Altercation in Rock Hill

Rock Hill, South Carolina – A tragic incident unfolded in Rock Hill, South Carolina, leading to the death of a woman and the arrest of her girlfriend on murder charges. The Rock Hill Police Department reported that the altercation took place on Wednesday at Riverwalk Parkway near Cel-River Road. According to the authorities, the confrontation … Read more

Murder Charge Filed Against Ozark County Woman in Fatal Domestic Dispute

GAINESVILLE, Missouri – A woman from Ozark County is now facing a murder charge after her boyfriend was tragically killed in a domestic dispute that turned fatal. Shannon Lori Collins, 49, of rural Gainesville, has been charged with murder in the second degree, along with tampering with a motor vehicle and leaving the scene of … Read more

Murder Charges Filed in Charlotte Killing: Suspects Arrested and Charged

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina – Two individuals have been arrested in connection to the killing of 32-year-old Jonathan Dockery in southwest Charlotte, as confirmed by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. The suspects, 40-year-olds Tadarian Neal and Asia Tapp, were apprehended by CMPD’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Team on Friday, June 14. After being questioned by detectives, both Neal … Read more

Capital Murder Charge Filed Against Crockett Man in Connection with Disappearance and Death of 53-Year-Old

CROCKETT, Texas – Authorities in Crockett, Texas, have charged a local man with capital murder in connection with the disappearance and death of a 53-year-old man. Deshayon Maurice Knight was arrested and booked into the Houston County Jail on Thursday, in relation to the death of Patrick White, Sr., according to the Houston County Sheriff’s … Read more

Drinking Before Fatal Shooting: Murder Charges Filed, Prosecutors Say

Bonney Lake, Washington – Authorities in Bonney Lake, Washington have stated that a tragic shooting incident that resulted in a fatality involved individuals consuming alcohol earlier in the day. The prosecutors have gone ahead and filed murder charges in relation to this incident. According to the prosecutors, the shooting took place following a day of … Read more

Murder Charges Filed Against Two Men in Brutal Stabbing at Queensland Quarry

Queensland, Australia – Two individuals are facing murder charges following the discovery of a man’s body at an abandoned quarry in southeast Queensland. The suspects, aged 22 and 19, allegedly lured Jai Gray to a property in Glass House Mountains before fatally stabbing him. Mr. Gray, 25, had been missing for over a week before … Read more

Machete attack charges filed against Boston man with past guilty convictions

Boston, MA – A Boston man with a history of guilty convictions now faces charges in connection with an alleged machete attack near the Charles River. The suspect, who has a troubling past with multiple run-ins with the law, is accused of carrying out the violent assault on an individual near the popular riverfront area. … Read more

Murder Charge Filed in Fatal Bradford Street Stabbing Case

Bolton, Greater Manchester – Authorities have charged a man with murder following a fatal stabbing incident that occurred on Bradford Street on Friday evening. The victim, a 35-year-old male, succumbed to his injuries after being transported to a local hospital, as reported by the Greater Manchester Police (GMP). Paul Simmons, 48, a resident of Bradford … Read more

Attempted Murder Charges Filed After Three Found Dead in Rural Marion, Iowa

Marion, Iowa – A grim discovery in rural Marion, just north of Robins, has led to the arrest and charging of a 34-year-old man with attempted murder by the Linn County Sheriff’s Office. The authorities responded to a residence along East Otter Road, where they found four victims inside an outbuilding on Wednesday afternoon. Tragically, … Read more

Lawsuit Filed Against Elleven45 Lounge for Fatal Shooting Incident in Buckhead

Atlanta, Georgia – The family of Mariam “Mari” Creighton, a 21-year-old Albany State University student-athlete, seeks justice and compensation after her tragic death at Elleven45 Lounge in Buckhead last month. Creighton, along with another man, 20-year-old Nakyris Ridley, was fatally shot during a violent incident that occurred in the nightclub in the early hours of … Read more