Investigation Reveals Fentanyl-Related Deaths in Cheraw Area: Sheriff’s Office

CHERAW, S.C. – The Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating three deaths related to suspected fentanyl poisoning that occurred on Monday. The incident took place along McQueen Road near Chesterfield and Cheraw, where officials responded to calls for assistance.

According to the sheriff’s office, two victims were found at the scene, while another had tragically passed away earlier in the same neighborhood. Sheriff Cambo Streater reported that fentanyl was discovered at the first location, and drugs were found at the second location, with all signs suggesting fentanyl involvement. So far, no arrests have been made in connection with the incident.

Recent reports also indicated the death of a baby several days prior, with felony child abuse charges being pursued, adding to the tragic toll of fentanyl-related deaths. Sheriff Streater, who also tragically lost his daughter to the drug in March, emphasized the growing impact of fentanyl in the community, expressing his commitment to investigating numerous deaths linked to drug use in Chesterfield County.

Furthermore, authorities are cautioning the public against handling or consuming any substances suspected of containing fentanyl and have advised to contact law enforcement immediately if such substances are found. The Sheriff’s Office, Coroner, Lancaster County Coroner, and State Law Enforcement Division are all actively involved in the ongoing investigation.

Earlier this year, South Carolina passed a law enabling dealers to be charged in cases of overdose deaths, and National Fentanyl Prevention and Awareness Day was observed on Monday.

The investigation continues as law enforcement works diligently to address the concerning rise in fentanyl-related deaths and to raise awareness about the dangers associated with this deadly substance.