Maine State Police Unveil Thousands of Pages Detailing Chaos in Deadliest Mass Shooting

LEWISTON, Maine (AP) – Thousands of pages of documents released by Maine officials shed light on the harrowing chaos and carnage that unfolded during the state’s deadliest mass shooting last October. Police officers arrived at the scenes in Lewiston unaware of the whereabouts of the gunman, navigating through a haunting landscape of both living and … Read more

Murder Suspect Arrested in Death of Elderly Man in Litchfield, Maine

Litchfield, Maine – An elderly man was discovered deceased at a residence on Hallowell Road last week, leading to the subsequent arrest of a woman on suspicion of murder. Maine State Police announced on Friday that 90-year-old Gerald Marin’s death had been classified as a homicide after a family member contacted law enforcement. The arrest … Read more

Maine Legislators Pass New Gun Restrictions After Deadly Shooting

Lewiston, Maine – After a devastating mass shooting at a local bowling alley and bar that left 18 people dead, Maine legislators faced the urgent need to reevaluate the state’s gun laws. This week, following extensive debates, lawmakers approved new restrictions on gun sales but fell short of passing a measure that would have significantly … Read more

Red Flag Bill Sparks Heated Debate in Maine Following Tragic Mass Shooting

Augusta, Maine – Lawmakers in Maine deliberated on a ‘red flag’ bill for hours, months after an appalling mass shooting claimed the lives of 18 individuals. The proposed legislation aims to establish procedures that allow law enforcement to remove firearms from individuals deemed to pose a threat to themselves or others. Following the tragic incident, … Read more

Fentanyl-Related Deaths Rising in Maine Amid Drop in Overall Overdose Deaths

Portland, Maine – Recent statewide data reveals a positive trend with fewer drug overdose deaths in Maine during this year compared to the previous year. However, the concerning rise in fentanyl-related deaths is becoming more prevalent, overshadowing the decline in opioid-related deaths. The data, sourced from the Maine Drug Data Hub website, a collaborative effort … Read more

Commission Finds Failure to Seize Guns Led to Deadly Maine Shooting, Families React in Anguish

MEREDITH, N.H. – An independent commission tasked with investigating the events leading up to a tragic mass shooting, where Army reservist Robert Card killed 18 people at a bowling alley and a bar in Lewiston, Maine on October 25, 2023, has released its findings. The report, made public on Friday, highlights crucial details and reactions … Read more

Deadliest Mass Shooting in Maine Could Have Been Prevented, Commission Finds

LEWISTON, Maine – An independent commission investigating the tragic events that led to Maine’s deadliest mass shooting concluded that law enforcement had missed the opportunity to intervene before the tragedy occurred. The Maine Commission released a 30-page interim report detailing their findings on the law enforcement response to the fatal mass shootings last fall, where … Read more

**Brain Injury Findings Raise Questions in Deadly Maine Shooting**

Lewiston, Maine – Experts in brain injuries urge caution when interpreting limited information concerning evidence of traumatic brain injury found in an Army reservist responsible for Maine’s deadliest mass shooting last year. Researchers from Boston University revealed on Wednesday the discovery of traumatic brain injury in Robert Card, the shooter who killed 18 people in … Read more

Brain Injury Revealed in Investigation of Maine Massacre Perpetrator

AUGUSTA, Maine – The tragic case of Army reservist Robert Card, responsible for Maine’s deadliest gun massacre, unfolded new layers of complexity as a brain tissue analysis revealed evidence of traumatic brain injuries before the devastating events took place. Card’s former Army colleagues shed light on his decline in mental health and concerning behavior during … Read more

Brain Injury Found in Army Reservist Behind Maine Mass Shooting Tragedy

LEWISTON, Maine— A study conducted by the Boston University CTE Center revealed that Army reservist Robert Card, responsible for a mass shooting at a bowling alley and bar in Lewiston last year that left 18 people dead before taking his own life, displayed signs of traumatic brain injury. The research findings, shared by Card’s family … Read more