Maine Gunman’s Terrifying Warning to Police Captured on Body Cam

Lewiston, Maine – Three months before Robert Card carried out the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the state, he made cryptic remarks to police officers during a welfare check, as seen in body cam footage obtained by WMTW. The New York State troopers were enforcing a directive to bring Card to counseling services … Read more

Maine Shooter, Robert Card, Captured on Bodycam: ‘I am Capable’ – Latest Footage Reveals Chilling Warning Signs Before Deadliest Mass Shooting in State History

LEWISTON, Maine – New bodycam footage has surfaced of Robert Card being questioned by police before he was taken to a psychiatric hospital, shedding light on his mental state before carrying out the deadliest mass shooting in Maine’s history. Fellow soldiers had dialed 911 over fears of his potential actions. Card, a reservist, went on … Read more

Maine Mass Shooter Showed “Glaring” Mental Health Signals Months Before Rampage, Police Camera Reveals – Troopers Coaxed Gunman Into Treatment

Maine, the state that was shattered three months ago by a mass shooting at a bar and a bowling alley, is now reeling from new revelations about the alleged shooter’s troubling behavior leading up to the tragic event. Recent body camera footage from July shows that the accused shooter, Robert Card, was involved in an … Read more

Maine Police Defend Response to Deadly Mass Shooting as Independent Panel Investigates

AUGUSTA, Maine – Maine state police have faced criticism for their search efforts following a mass shooting at a bowling alley and bar last fall, where 18 people were killed. The shooter, Robert Card, died by suicide, but it took police two days to discover his body. The delay in finding Card’s body led to … Read more

Maine Law Enforcement Speaks Out on Challenging Search for Mass Shooter

AUGUSTA, Maine – State police in Maine faced criticism for their response to a deadly mass shooting at a bowling alley and bar last fall. The shooting, which left 18 people dead, marked the deadliest in the state’s history. It took police two days to locate the body of the shooter, Robert Card, who died … Read more

Army Reservist Warned of Maine Mass Shooting Before Tragedy

LEWISTON, Maine – The shocking details of Maine’s deadliest mass shooting in October last year were revealed in a police body cam video obtained under New York’s Freedom of Information Law. The video captures the Army reservist, Robert Card, expressing his capability and intention to do something that had his fellow soldiers worried about him. … Read more

Right Whale Dead Amid Concerns: Maine Fishing Gear Found Entangled in Endangered Species

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts – The deaths and serious injuries of several endangered whales on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts have sparked concern among federal officials and whale conservation groups. The recent fatalities include five North Atlantic right whales and two fin whales. Regina Asmutis-Silvia, executive director of Whale and Dolphin Conservation USA, emphasized the … Read more

Shootings in Lewiston, Maine Leave Multiple Victims Dead; Suspect Considered Armed and Dangerous

Lewiston, Maine – Authorities reported multiple fatalities following a series of shootings in Lewiston, Maine on the night of October 25. According to the Sun Journal, Androscoggin County Sheriff Eric Samson confirmed that at least 22 people were killed in the incident. The Lewiston Maine Police Department also identified 40-year-old Robert Card as a person … Read more

Maine State Police Defend Response Delay in Lewiston Mass Shooting

Augusta, Maine – After the deadliest shooting in state history at a bowling alley and bar in Lewiston, the Maine State Police defended their delayed search for the gunman, Robert Card. The shooting left 18 people dead, and it took police two days to find Card’s body after he died by suicide. State Police Chief … Read more

Tick Invasion in Maine: Warm Winters Make Ticks an Ongoing Year-Round Issue

Maine, USA – As adults in Maine discuss the growing concern of ticks, many reminisce how ticks were not a concern during their childhood. The shift from non-existent to a prevalent issue seemed to happen overnight, and Maine’s cold winters seemed to keep the tick population in check. However, recent years have seen a change … Read more