Unsolved Murders in the US Rise Due to Declining Clearance Rate, Stressed Police Relations, & Surge in Stranger Killings

NEW YORK, NY – A recent report by the independent Council on Criminal Justice (CCJ) has revealed a concerning trend in the United States – the declining murder clearance rate. According to the report, the solve rate for homicides has dropped from 83.7 percent in 1964 to just 50 percent in 2022. If this pattern … Read more

Fentanyl-Related Deaths Included in Declining Homicide Numbers for 2023 in Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — Homicides in Oklahoma City have seen a minor decline in 2023, dropping from 74 in 2022 to 72 in the most recent statistics. However, this year’s numbers include fentanyl-related deaths, a new factor that previously wasn’t accounted for in the homicide count. Gary Knight of the OKC Police department noted that … Read more