Rand Paul Accuses Hospitals Of Refusing Lifesaving Care To Unvaccinated Patients

Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Paul filed new legislation that would prohibit funding for healthcare facilities that refuse lifesaving care to unvaccinated patients. Paul stated that to ensure that medical facilities live up to their responsibilities, “The COVID-19 Vaccination Non-Discrimination Act” proposes withholding government money from those who do not adhere to certain vaccination policies.

The Biden Administration Pressured Twitter to  Suppress Tweets that did not Follow the CCD Guidelines

The latest chapter in the “Twitter Files” controversy has shown how Big Tech advanced its goals by working hand in hand with the Biden administration. This time, it’s about Twitter’s efforts, in conjunction with the Biden administration, to quell the dissemination of what it called “misinformation” concerning COVID-19.

Fauci leaves in December

It was announced Monday that Dr. Anthony Fauci, who became a household name during the COVID-19 pandemic and was the target of partisan attacks, will leave the federal government in December. Fauci was with the US government for five decades.