Rand Paul Accuses Hospitals Of Refusing Lifesaving Care To Unvaccinated Patients

According to Fox News Digital, on Tuesday, Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Paul filed new legislation that would prohibit funding for healthcare facilities that refuse lifesaving care to unvaccinated patients. Paul stated that to ensure that medical facilities live up to their responsibilities, “The COVID-19 Vaccination Non-Discrimination Act” proposes withholding government money from those who do not adhere to certain vaccination policies.

Paul tweeted on Tuesday that he is leading the battle to hold taxpayer-funded health facilities accountable for refusing unvaccinated individuals crucial treatment.

Paul stated that no American should be refused access to crucial care based on a personal medical decision. Yet, regrettably, most hospitals and medical facilities continue to discriminate against those without the COVID-19 vaccine.

In addition, he stated that “The COVID-19 Immunization Non-Discrimination Act” would prevent government funding from going to facilities that refuse care to patients because of their lack of vaccination against the COVID-19 virus.

Dan Bishop, a Republican from North Carolina and the bill’s primary sponsor in the House, said it was “injustice” to deny someone lifesaving medical care because of their vaccination status. Bishop said hospitals shouldn’t turn away patients because of their lack of COVID-19 immunization and that such hospitals shouldn’t be eligible for federal money.

Even while the American Medical Association instructs medical personnel to offer care to all patients regardless of immunization status, there have been recorded incidences of healthcare institutions withholding care to the unvaccinated, according to Paul’s office.

Yulia Hicks, a 14-year-old Ukrainian girl, recently claimed that Duke University Hospital refused to give her a kidney because she had not been vaccinated against COVID. Yulia’s adoptive mother, Chrissy Hicks, told the news station this past December the hospital was basically telling them that if Yulia did not receive the vaccination, she would not be receiving a transplant. She needs a transplant, and the hospital denied her lifesaving care by refusing to do the transplant. Ms. Hicks added that when she spoke to a medical worker, he agreed with her by saying it was the one thing holding them up.

While hospital authorities at Duke University declined to comment on Ms. Hicks’ comment, they did extend the following message to families dealing with a seriously ill loved one: The healthcare system is dedicated to making organ transplants available to as many eligible individuals as possible, according to the officials.

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