Senate Votes Unanimously To Declassify COVID-19 Origins

Wednesday night, two Republican senators announced that their measure mandating the Biden administration to declassify intelligence about the origins of COVID-19 had been unanimously approved by the U.S. Senate.

The COVID-19 Origin Act of 2023 studies the likelihood that the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19, escaped from a laboratory in Wuhan, China.

Senators Mike Braun and Josh Hawley reintroduced the measure on Monday after the Department of Energy (DOE) submitted a confidential intelligence analysis to the White House and select members of Congress, concluding that a laboratory leak most likely caused the COVID-19

pandemic. Previously, the FBI had reached a similar judgment.

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) requested unanimous consent, given “without objections.” By unanimous consent, a law can be passed without a recorded vote.

Hawley published a tweet that today, the Senate unanimously passed his measure to declassify the government’s #covid origins intelligence. Let the public know the truth.

Hawley emphasized the significance of transparency and accountability during an interview on Fox News’ “Jesse Watters Primetime” for the people to comprehend the origins of the pandemic.

Hawley told Watters that the House of Representatives must adopt the measure before getting things done. In 2021, they submitted a similar bill that was also unanimously approved. The measure would compel Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines to declassify the most likely origins of COVID-19 material held by the United States government.

Hawley said that the moment has come to show the nation what the government possesses. Let each person judge for themself. He told Fox News, following the vote, that everyone should read it.

Braun also announced the unanimous approval of the motion and urged the House to adopt the law. According to Braun, the House must pass this bill so the American people may learn the truth. Braun tweeted that President Biden cannot ignore this: “time to let Americans decide for ourselves.”

On Monday, Hawley raised the alarm about the lack of transparency concerning the pandemic’s origins, stating that individuals who questioned the Wuhan lab leak scenario were “silenced” and labeled as “conspiracy theorists” for over three years. Yet, the Department of Energy research supports the oft-maligned theory that the virus originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, located near a wet market often recognized as the pandemic’s epicenter.

Hawley said that today, these wise “skeptics stand vindicated.”

Hawley called on the Biden administration must promptly declassify all intelligence information about the origins of COVID-19 and the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Americans deserve the truth.

In addition, Braun attacked the Biden administration’s stance on the lab leak scenario. Braun said the Biden administration had termed the lab leak scenario a conspiracy theory from the outset. It has only begun publicly admitting they were incorrect as the evidence becomes irrefutable. Braun stated that the Biden administration had kept the origins of COVID-19 a secret even though the Senate overwhelmingly approved a previous version of this law in 2021.

“The American people deserve transparency, free from government censors or media spin,”  Braun stated that it is time to declassify everything about the beginnings of COVID and the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Long ago, the Chinese government denied the prospect of a lab breach, stating that the virus’s origins “should not be politicized.” It recently warned Elon Musk, the billionaire owner of Twitter, Tesla, and SpaceX, not to disclose the lab leak report as part of its efforts to suppress the hypothesis.

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