Surfers Murdered in Mexico: Alleged Confession Links Man to Grisly Crime

Los Angeles – A man in Mexico has been arrested in connection with the murders of two Australian brothers and their American friend while on a surfing trip. This arrest comes after the three surfers disappeared on April 27 during their trip in Ensenada. The suspect allegedly confessed to his girlfriend that he was responsible … Read more

Confession of Killer Real Estate Heir Robert Durst Unveiled in HBO Documentary: A Chronicle of Murder and Mystery

Los Angeles, California – The case of Robert Durst, a prominent real estate heir implicated in three mysterious deaths, took a shocking turn nine years ago during the conclusion of an HBO documentary series about his life. In a moment of candor, Durst uttered the now-infamous words: “Killed them all, of course.” Subsequently, he was … Read more

Brother’s Death Confession: Hedingham Shooter Lists Guns and Ammo

Raleigh, North Carolina – A recent case in Hedingham has brought to light a disturbing confession from an accused shooter. According to the warrants, the individual admitted to killing his own brother. The documents also revealed a chilling list of guns and ammunition involved in the tragic incident. Authorities in Hedingham were alerted to the … Read more

Rape & Murder Confession: US Man Admits to Killing Near Neuschwanstein Castle

Kempten, Germany – A man has confessed to the rape and murder of a woman near the iconic Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. The 31-year-old suspect, who can’t be named under German law, made the admission at the beginning of his trial in Kempten, southern Germany. The defendant allegedly encountered two American women, aged 21 and … Read more

BTK Killer: The Chilling Confession of Kansas Serial Killer Dennis Rader Who Haunted Wichita for Over Two Decades

Wichita, Kansas – A notorious serial killer terrorized the residents of Wichita, Kansas, for over two decades in a horrifying killing spree that began in January 1974. Dennis Rader, also known as the BTK Killer, inflicted a reign of terror across the Wichita area, torturing and killing at least 10 victims. The acronym BTK in … Read more

Confession: US Serial Killer Admits to 1980 Florida Murder 44 Years Later

Jacksonville, Florida – A shocking crime that went unsolved for 44 years finally saw a confession from the convicted serial killer Billy Mansfield Jr. which brought some closure for the family of 18-year-old Carol Ann Barrett, who was brutally murdered in 1980. The case of her kidnapping and killing had long been considered a cold … Read more

Confession: Serial Killer Admits to Murdering Teen in Jacksonville 44 Years Ago

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – In a shocking revelation, serial killer Billy Mansfield Jr. has confessed to the murder of a teenager found in Jacksonville 44 years ago. Mansfield, who has been incarcerated since two years after the murder, recently had several bodies discovered at his home in Hernando County. This gruesome revelation has reopened the cold … Read more

Ohio Cold Case Confession: Inmate Admits to 2016 Homicide

Columbus, Ohio – A cold case from 2016 has resurfaced as an Ohio prison inmate confessed to a previously unresolved homicide in a letter to the Columbus Dispatch. Cold cases, which are crimes that have not been fully resolved and are not currently under investigation, present a unique challenge for law enforcement agencies. The confession … Read more

Serial Killer Wanted-Sandwich confession – Gary Artman ads Insights

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Before his death, convicted killer Garry Artman made two unusual requests, which ultimately led to him confessing to murdering nearly a dozen women in the Grand Rapids area three decades ago, according to sources familiar with the case. The 66-year-old demand his own prison cell and a ham sandwich from Subway … Read more

“Confession” of Italian Mobster in Autobiographical Thesis Earns Sociology Degree While Serving Life Sentence

CATANZARO, Italy – An incarcerated Italian mobster has made headlines after earning a sociology degree and writing a 170-page thesis paper detailing his life of crime, in which he confessed to three unsolved murders. Catello Romano, 33, graduated magnum cum laude from the Calabrian prison of Catanzaro, where he is serving a life sentence for … Read more