Explosion at Ohio Building: First Responders Rush to Scene of Tragedy

Youngstown, Ohio – First responders were captured on body camera rushing to the site of a building explosion in downtown Youngstown, Ohio. The footage, obtained by Nexstar’s WKBN, shows the harrowing moments after the explosion that occurred at the Realty building on Tuesday afternoon, causing debris to scatter across the area. Mayor Jamael Tito Brown … Read more

Explosion in Youngstown, Ohio Leaves One Dead and Seven Injured

Youngstown, Ohio – An explosion in downtown Youngstown on Tuesday afternoon resulted in seven injuries and one fatality. The deceased was identified as 27-year-old Akil Drake, a Penn Hills High School graduate who worked at the Chase Bank located in the building where the explosion occurred. The Penn Hills School District expressed condolences to Akil’s … Read more

Explosion Kills One, Injures Seven in Youngtown, Ohio Downtown Building Blast

One person lost their life and seven others sustained injuries following an explosion that tore through a building in downtown Youngtown, Ohio. The incident has left the community in shock and mourning as they come to terms with the tragic event. Emergency responders quickly arrived at the scene to provide assistance to those affected by … Read more

Explosion at Ohio Bank Leaves One Dead: Investigation Underway

CINCINNATI, Ohio – Tragedy struck at a local bank in Cincinnati, Ohio, where one individual lost their life in a devastating explosion. The incident took place at the bank and sent shockwaves through the community. Emergency services rushed to the scene following reports of the explosion, working tirelessly to secure the area and assess the … Read more

Explosion in Eastern Ohio Claims One Life: Tragic Incident Unfolds

COLUMBUS, Ohio – An explosion in eastern Ohio resulted in the tragic death of one individual. The incident occurred in a residential area, causing significant damage to surrounding properties. Authorities are currently investigating the cause of the explosion, which is believed to have originated from a gas leak. Emergency response teams quickly arrived at the … Read more

Explosion at Ohio Chase Bank Leaves 1 Dead and Several Injured

Columbus, Ohio – One person has died following an explosion at a Chase Bank in Ohio, with several others injured, according to a statement from Mercy Health. The explosion resulted in seven people being hospitalized, with one in critical condition, highlighting the severity of the incident. Emergency responders rushed to the scene of the explosion … Read more

Explosion in Youngstown, Ohio Injures 7, Leaves 2 Missing Amid Downtown Chaos

Youngstown, Ohio – An explosion rocked downtown Youngstown, Ohio, on Tuesday, causing injuries to seven individuals, with two others still missing. The incident has left the community in shock and emergency responders working tirelessly to locate the missing individuals. The explosion, which occurred in a bustling area of Youngstown, resulted in one person sustaining critical … Read more

Gas Explosion Rips Facade Off Ohio Building, 2 Missing: Search Underway

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Two individuals are currently missing following a gas explosion that tore the facade off a building in Ohio. The incident occurred in the city of Columbus, where emergency responders are presently engaged in search and rescue efforts. Witnesses reported a loud explosion, which resulted in the building’s front exterior being completely blown … Read more

Gas leak explosion injures multiple in Ohio building – First floor blown out

Toledo, Ohio – A gas leak explosion rocked a building in downtown Toledo, leaving several people injured on Thursday. The blast blew out the first floor of the building, causing significant damage to the surrounding area. Emergency crews rushed to the scene to assist those affected by the incident. Witnesses reported hearing a loud explosion … Read more

Explosion in Youngstown, Ohio Leaves Seven Injured and Two Missing

Youngstown, Ohio – A natural gas explosion in Youngstown, Ohio, left at least seven people injured and two missing on Tuesday, May 28. The explosion took place in a building housing a Chase bank in the city’s downtown area. According to reports, one of the injured individuals was in critical condition and undergoing treatment at … Read more