Killing at the SoHo 54 Hotel: Victim of Serial Attacker Opens Up on Terrifying Encounter

NEW YORK, NY – A prior victim of a suspect accused of a violent crime spree has come forward with a harrowing encounter, shedding light on the alleged attacker’s history of violence. The suspect, Raad Almansoori, is facing charges in connection with a killing in Manhattan, stabbings in Arizona, and ties to violent incidents in … Read more

Gilgo Beach Serial Killer Suspect Terrorized Women for Decades, Witnesses Say

Mastic Beach, New York – A man charged with the murders of four women found along a remote stretch of Long Island’s South Shore over a decade ago is facing new scrutiny, with five women coming forward to share chilling encounters with the suspect before his arrest. Rex Heuermann, 59, has pleaded not guilty to … Read more

DNA Collection Laws Hinder Identification of Potential Serial Killer in Virginia Cold Cases

ISLE OF WIGHT, Va. — Virginia State Police are facing obstacles in verifying whether a recently identified cold case killer could be responsible for more crimes due to laws governing DNA collection. Alan Wade Wilmer Sr. is now believed to be responsible for the murders of 20-year-old David Knobling and 14-year-old Robin Edwards in Isle … Read more

EastEnder Denise Confronts Serial Killer Lucas in Riveting Visit

LONDON, UK – EastEnders fans are in for a shocking episode this Thursday as Denise visits the notorious serial killer, Lucas Johnson. The gripping storyline is set to unfold as Denise confronts her ex-husband, who has a history of violence and manipulation. The character arc of Denise and Lucas has been a central plotline in … Read more

Cannibal Serial Killer’s Tiny Mistake Leads to His Arrest After 26 Murders

SEOUL, South Korea – The arrest of a notorious South Korean serial killer, Yoo Young-chul, was the result of a small mistake he made while trying to evade police. Young-chul had a long history of criminal activities, including a rape conviction for which he served time in jail. After being released, he went on to … Read more

BTK Killer: The Chilling Confession of Kansas Serial Killer Dennis Rader Who Haunted Wichita for Over Two Decades

Wichita, Kansas – A notorious serial killer terrorized the residents of Wichita, Kansas, for over two decades in a horrifying killing spree that began in January 1974. Dennis Rader, also known as the BTK Killer, inflicted a reign of terror across the Wichita area, torturing and killing at least 10 victims. The acronym BTK in … Read more

Convicted Child Serial Killer Lucy Letby Loses Initial Appeal for Convictions Challenge

Chester, England– Lucy Letby, the neonatal nurse convicted of the murders of seven babies at the Countess of Chester hospital’s neonatal unit between June 2015 and June 2016, has faced a setback in her attempt to challenge her convictions at the court of appeal. The 34-year-old had lodged an application for permission to appeal against … Read more

Convicted Serial Killer Billy Mansfield Jr. Confesses to 1980 Murder of Teen in Florida

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida – Convicted serial killer Billy Mansfield Jr. recently confessed to the murder of Carol Ann Barrett in Florida in 1980. Mansfield, now 68, admitted to abducting and killing the 18-year-old from Zanesville, Ohio, more than four decades ago. Barrett was visiting Daytona Beach while on Spring Break when an unknown assailant kidnapped … Read more

Confession: US Serial Killer Admits to 1980 Florida Murder 44 Years Later

Jacksonville, Florida – A shocking crime that went unsolved for 44 years finally saw a confession from the convicted serial killer Billy Mansfield Jr. which brought some closure for the family of 18-year-old Carol Ann Barrett, who was brutally murdered in 1980. The case of her kidnapping and killing had long been considered a cold … Read more

Idaho ‘Serial Killer’ Thomas Creech’s Death Sentence Upheld After Clemency Review Sparks Controversy

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Thomas Creech, known as the “serial killer” in Idaho, had his death sentence upheld after a review of his clemency. Creech was convicted of multiple murders in 1987 and has been on death row since then. Creech’s case went through a clemency review, but after careful consideration, the decision was made … Read more